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Courier service in Vasai West

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Fast and convenient courier service in Vasai West

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Premium Courier Service in Vasai West

Borzo is offering residential and commercial on-demand delivery service in Vasai West. Though, there are many courier services in Vasai West, Borzo is the fastest and most affordable one. If you want to urgently deliver flowers, food, gifts, online shopping products, or any heavy material under 200 Kilograms then Borzo got you covered. We always deliver your parcels in under 90 minutes. A large number of online shopping platforms and restaurants are in love with our insanely fast delivery service in Vasai west.

₹ 48

Start from ₹ 48 for hyperlocal tariff in Mumbai and ₹ 9 per km in zone 1
Deliver anything - Borzo

90 min

We can deliver documents, products, flowers ASAP or at a specified time
Internet sales - Borzo


Selling online? Place orders via API. Find the guidelines at API Docs

Borzo: Revolutionizing Courier Services & Employment

Many students, designers and artists work with us as freelancers in their spare time. We offer freelance employment opportunity to everyone. So if you are looking to make some extra money, we are always ready to hire you. Our courier service is very unique because most of our couriers use bicycle to deliver the parcels. Therefore, you can earn money just by riding bicycle in your area while keeping your fit and healthy. It is a very good approach to reduce a good amount of traffic in Vasai West.

We have been serving as the fastest courier service in Vasai West for many years now. That’s why we have gained a vast knowledge about this city and it has helped us enhance our delivery services to a high standard in Vasai West. Our delivery guys are well trained before setting out for delivery service so that your customers get the best feel while receiving their parcels.

We have a mobile application also which has a very simple user interface that anyone can easily use it to book orders with us. It works in both Android and iOS devices. Download it now and start ordering your deliveries in Vasai West today with Borzo. For any kind of assistance, call our operators anytime of the day and we will definitely help you with your complaint or query.

Borzo is revolutionising express delivery

Borzo Delivery Calculator

We calculate the delivery charge
immediately after you fill in our
online form. You no longer need
to call and ask for quotes.

The number to contact the courier is Borzo

We send courier’s phone number
to the contact person via SMS
at each delivery point.

Walking couriers and riders are
always available. We assign the
nearest courier with the highest
rating within 7 minutes.

Order delivery without registration - Borzo

You can book a courier delivery
without creating accounts
or signing contracts. The phone
number for the sender and
receiver is more than enough!

The system assigns high-scored
and closest courier.

Collaboration with businesses - Borzo delivery

If you own a business you can
opt for COD with us. Its cheap
and effective. No reason to wait
weeks for getting your revenue

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!

Your convenience is Our Specialty

Save Time with Borzo
Save Time with Borzo

When you don’t have the time, we are here to help you and make things convenient for you, such as help you with your needs for groceries.

Borzo couriers handle any items up for delivery with care
Modules platform

Add Borzo delivery module to the check-out form of your Shopify-based store.

Our delivery prices are calculated based on distance and type of delivery
Bulk ordering

For all registered users: upload a spreadsheet to automatically create a list of orders.

Delivery Service Options

Cheap delivery - Borzo

Cheap delivery

Match special requirements - Borzo couriers

Match special requirements

Bike delivery - Borzo

Bike delivery

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!