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Dependable Courier Service in Navi Mumbai

Fast, reliable, and green delivery solutions by Borzo

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Premium Courier Service in Navi Mumbai

Are you tired of unreliable courier services in Navi Mumbai? It’s time to switch to Borzo, the fastest and most dependable courier service in the area. Whether it’s food, flowers, gifts, or any item up to 200 kg, you can count on us for secure and timely deliveries.

Borzo stands out as the premier urgent delivery service in Navi Mumbai for several reasons. We are committed not only to serving our customers but also to benefiting the community by reducing pollution. Our innovative delivery model using bicycles significantly cuts down motor vehicle use, making our deliveries greener and our city cleaner.

₹ 48

Start from ₹ 48 for hyperlocal tariff in Mumbai and ₹ 9 per km in zone 1
Deliver anything - Borzo

90 min

We can deliver documents, products, flowers ASAP or at a specified time
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Selling online? Place orders via API. Find the guidelines at API Docs

Fast & Affordable: Borzo’s Navi Mumbai Delivery

We’re continuously expanding our team and welcome new couriers to join us. Working with Borzo offers the dual benefits of earning extra income in your spare time and staying fit if you choose bicycle deliveries.

When you place an order with Borzo, we ensure that the best courier available in your area handles your delivery, providing you with the quickest and most cost-effective service. We also support cash on delivery for businesses, making transactions smoother.

Easily access our services by downloading the Borzo app from the Google Play Store or the App Store, or visit our website. With Borzo, you skip the hassle of paperwork-just provide the address and contact details of the sender and receiver, and we handle the rest. Our customer service team is on hand 24/7 to assist with any questions or concerns you might have.

Borzo is revolutionising express delivery

Borzo Delivery Calculator
Our online form rapidly calculates delivery charges, removing the necessity for manual quote requests.
The number to contact the courier is Borzo
Get the courier’s contact information sent to each delivery point via SMS, ensuring smooth communication throughout.
Trust our dependable team of walkers and riders for timely service within 7 minutes, regardless of the time of day.
Order delivery without registration - Borzo
Booking a courier delivery is a breeze; no need for account setup or contract signing — just provide sender and receiver phone numbers!
Our system automatically assigns top-rated and nearest couriers for expedited delivery.
Collaboration with businesses - Borzo delivery
Businesses can take advantage of Cash on Delivery (COD) with us for quick revenue turnover and cost-effectiveness.
Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!

Your convenience is Our Specialty

Save Time with Borzo
Save Time with Borzo
Let us save you time; while you’re busy, we’ll manage your grocery or medicine deliveries efficiently.
Borzo couriers handle any items up for delivery with care
Modules platform
Seamlessly integrate Borzo’s delivery module into your Shopify store’s checkout process for effortless delivery.
Our delivery prices are calculated based on distance and type of delivery
Bulk ordering
Registered users can simplify the process of booking deliveries by uploading a spreadsheet to automatically generate a list of orders.

Delivery Service Options

Cheap delivery - Borzo

Cheap delivery

Match special requirements - Borzo couriers

Match special requirements

Bike delivery - Borzo

Bike delivery

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!