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Same Day Delivery Service in Mori Gate

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Fastest Home Delivery in Mori Gate

At Borzo, we’re dedicated to ensuring that each delivery reaches the recipient as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest level of safety. Expanding our services to Mori Gate, we’re proud to contribute to the delivery needs of our customers in this area. We’re transforming the way deliveries operate by striving to create the most exceptional courier service experience for our clients.

₹ 50

Start from ₹ 50 for hyperlocal tariff in Delhi and ₹ 9 per km in zone 1
Deliver anything - Borzo

90 min

We can deliver documents, products, flowers ASAP or at a specified time
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Selling online? Place orders via API. Find the guidelines at API Docs

Effortless Courier Booking with Borzo

With our straightforward app, downloading and booking a courier takes just a minute. We connect you with the nearest courier to meet your delivery requirements, eliminating the need for lengthy forms or numerous questions before using our services.

Our couriers are extensively trained to excel and are tailored to stand out from others in the industry. Borzo offers part-time job opportunities to those seeking additional income during their free time, helping them earn while also reducing traffic through the use of various transportation methods, such as cycling, walking, or riding motorcycles, during deliveries.

Borzo is revolutionising express delivery

Borzo Delivery Calculator

Once you complete our online form, the delivery charge is promptly calculated. No more need to request quotes by calling.

The number to contact the courier is Borzo

At every delivery location, the courier’s phone number is sent to the designated contact person via SMS.

Our walking couriers and riders are continuously at the ready. We dispatch the top-rated nearest courier within 7 minutes.

Order delivery without registration - Borzo

You can book a courier delivery without creating accounts or signing contracts. Just the phone numbers of the sender and receiver are all that’s needed!

The system appoints top-rated and nearest courier.

Collaboration with businesses - Borzo delivery

Consider using COD with us as a business owner. It’s a low-cost and efficient solution. No need to wait for weeks for your revenue to be returned to you.

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!

Your convenience is Our Specialty

Save Time with Borzo
Save Time with Borzo

If you’re constantly pressed for time, let us provide assistance and convenience, such as help with delivering groceries.

Borzo couriers handle any items up for delivery with care
Modules platform

Incorporate the Borzo delivery module within your Shopify store’s check-out form.

Our delivery prices are calculated based on distance and type of delivery
Bulk ordering

Streamline order list creation by uploading a spreadsheet.

Delivery Service Options

Cheap delivery - Borzo

Cheap delivery

Match special requirements - Borzo couriers

Match special requirements

Bike delivery - Borzo

Bike delivery

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!