Rebranding WeFast to Borzo

WeFast has a new name. Now we're called Borzo. New name, same quality
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Wefast now Borzo

WeFast is here and better than ever as BORZO

From now on you can find us by this new short and neat name, as fast and easy to pronounce as the deliveries we offer to our clients.
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Borzo (previously WeFast) app download

1. Scan the QR code to download the app
2. Also available on Google Play, App Store or AppGallery as "Borzo Delivery"

Still Your Company

All of Borzo's users should feel familiar & comfortable despite the rebrand. Borzo is still the same global crowdsourced same-day delivery service, formerly known as Wefast. Some parts of our service stay true to our local counterparts.
Personal Account
Personal Account
Clients & couriers will keep their IDs, access to their accounts (logins, passwords), history of orders, etc.
Borzo's key features in a particular region remain the same: address book, routing, and others.
Price & SLA
Price & SLA
Price hasn't changed due to the rebranding, and it still depends on supply & demand as usual — no changes in SLA due to the new brand.
Support chat - Borzo company
Support chat
We still use the same approach to help & support clients and couriers via chat — all the same operators. Clients and couriers can use the chat function in the App (old or new) and website.

Major Changes

Here are the changes that come with the rebrand.
Previously, our mobile app access was fragmented by local brands. With the rebrand, we've streamlined access to our global services through one app for all customers across eight countries.
New App
Borzo has consolidated its websites under one domain,, and launched a new mobile app. The platform guarantees fast and flexible citywide delivery regardless of route, conveyance, weight, or size. WeFast users will now be redirected to the new website.
New Domain
download the Borzo app
We updated our logo and brand color to a solid Borzo blue, along with a youthful and dynamic illustration style that reflects our growth and innovation. Our new visual branding tells the Borzo story of going one step further in modernizing creative concepts to reflect our current and future ambitions.
Striking Visual Overhaul
download the Borzo app
download the Borzo app

Our services

Off to a good start

Create an account and keep all data in one place — or order Borzo delivery right away
Borzo's services are not only limited to transporting packages. We will keep catering to various industries, like retail, grocery, pharmacy & medical, beauty products, pastry and flower shops, and more.
API Integration - Borzo
API Integration
Integrate delivery form into your website to automate the ordering process for your clients
Delivery Services for All Your Needs - Borzo delivery
Delivery Services for All Your Needs
We offer a wide range of delivery services, from large items to small packages and documents.
Collect Money for Your Goods
Collect Money for Your Goods
COD provides a convenient and secure way to collect payment for your products. Our couriers will collect money and safely deliver it to you.

Want to become a courier?

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