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Hyperlocal, On-Demand, E-Commerce & Bulk deliveries
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Within city deliveries in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Goa, & Chandigarh
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Borzo Business Features

Availability of different booking options in Borzo
Easy API & CMS integration
Setup through APIs or via Shopify, WordPress websites
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Cash on Delivery
Support your daily business operations - borzo delivery
Same Day COD amount remittance to your account
Save more on logistical costs from borzo delivery
Save more
on logistical costs
Easy management of fleet with just a click. Book a Borzo rider whenever needed any time of the day
Multi-drop deliveries with route optimization
Multi-drop deliveries
with route optimization
Book for a one-time pick-up and reduce your delivery fee expenses
Free Consultation
and Registration
Free Consultation and Registration
Let us help you and give you the right business services and offer the best package
Full Product Insurance
Full Product Insurance - couriers from borzo
We wiil compensate the value of lost items within three working days according to the rules. Maximum compensation - 50.000
Wefast is Borzo delivery
Wefast in Borzo delivery
New name - Same Quality

WeFast is now Borzo!

Wefast is now Borzo

Borzo delivery options

ASAP Delivery - delivery Borzo
Scheduled delivery
We will assign the nearest courier to pick up and deliver as soon as possible
ASAP Delivery
Scheduled pick-up and delivery within 4-6 hours
Scheduled delivery

Vehicle Options

Max. Weight: 1000 Kg
L300 / Van
Max Weight: 200 Kg
L300/Van - borzo delivery
Sedan - borzo delivery
Max. Weight: 20 Kg
Motorbike - borzo delivery
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