User privacy is of paramount importance to Wefast India Private Limited (“Borzo India"). Borzo India has developed this “Privacy Policy" which covers how Borzo India collects, uses, discloses, and stores User information. Users are advised to familiarise themselves with Borzo India's privacy practices.
By the mere use of the Borzo App or Site. User expressly consents to Borzo India's use and disclosure of User's Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Terms & Conditions (“Terms"), published here, and shall be read in addition to the Terms. In the event of any inconsistency or ambiguity arising between the Terms and the terms of this Privacy Policy, the provisions of this Privacy Policy to the extent of such inconsistency or ambiguity, shall prevail.
Users shall also be bound by Third Party Privacy Policies (as defined below) as may be applicable from time to time.
This Privacy Policy (as amended, modified, or restated from time to time) read with Third Party Privacy Policies shall be applicable to the User and constitute a binding arrangement between Borzo India and the User. If Borzo India makes significant changes in the way the User's information is treated, or to the Privacy Policy, Borzo India will provide notice through the App, or Site, or by some other means, such as email. User's continued use of the Borzo Services after such notice constitutes User's consent to the changes. Borzo India encourages the User to periodically review the Privacy Policy for latest information on Borzo India's privacy practices.
For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, where the context so requires, the term:

(i) “Applications"/ “App" or “Borzo App" means the computer applications accessible from a Device and enabling access to Borzo Services and shall include web-site, mobile applications named Borzo India for Android and iOS.

(ii) “Applicable Law" shall include all laws, statutes, ordinance, regulations, guidelines, policies, and other pronouncements having the effect of law of all or any applicable jurisdictions by state, municipality, court, tribunal, government, ministry, department, commission, arbitrator or board or such other body which has the force of law within the territory of India.

(iii) “Borzo Services" mean Borzo India on-demand lead generation and related services that enable the Client to seek and receive on-demand requests for Courier Services from the Courier; such Borzo Services include access to Borzo App/Site and Borzo's software, payment services, and related support services systems, as may be updated or modified from time to time.

(iv) “Client" means an end Client, the adult individual, or the corporate entity represented by a duly authorized individual, authorized by Borzo India to use Borzo Services for the purpose of obtaining Courier Services.

(v) “Content" shall include without limitation, data, text, written posts, comments, software, scripts, interactive features generated, graphics, images, photos, documents, audio, video, location, data, nearby places and all other forms of information or data;

(vi) “Courier" means the independent person registered in the Courier App, seeking for rendering the Courier Services.

(vii) “Courier App" means the mobile application provided by Borzo India that enables Courier to access Borzo Services for the purpose of seeking, receiving, and fulfilling on-demand requests for Courier Services by the Client, as may be updated, or modified from time to time.

(viii) “Courier Services" means provision of courier delivery services to the Client via Borzo Services in the Territory.

(ix) “Device" means the Client's or the Courier's Device, through which the Client or the Courier will access Borzo Services; means a mobile device, computer/laptop owned or any other device owned or controlled by the Client or by the Courier: (a) that meets the specifications for mobile devices as set forth at and (b) on which the App has been installed as authorized by Borzo India for the purpose of obtaining Courier Services or providing the Courier Services that can allow the Client and to the Courier to have access to website of Borzo India i.e.,

(x) “Personal Information" shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Sub – Clause 2.1 of this Privacy Policy;

(xi) “Site" means, providing access to Borzo Services.

(xii) “Territory" means India in which the Client can request for delivery of goods.

(xiii) “Third Party Privacy Policies" shall mean this Privacy Policy (as amended, modified or restated from time to time) read with the privacy policies of TSPs (as defined below);

(xiv) “TSPs" shall mean, third party service providers, as applicable, whose services are used in addition to or in conjunction with the Borzo Services;

(xv) “User Content" shall mean any Content that the User saves, submits, posts, displays, uploads, shares, transmits through the Borzo Services, including but not limited to, images, photos, documents and contact details saved therein by the User, profile information, and any other Content or information that User stores or makes available on the Site or App; and

(xvi) “User" means any person who accepts this Privacy Policy and Borzo India's Terms.
All other capitalised terms as used in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning so assigned to them in the Terms.