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Gift Delivery in India

Perfect delivery solution from Borzo: instant deliveries, no account sign-up needed!

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Premium Gift Delivery in India

Feeling generous or want to surprise someone with a gift but can’t deliver it yourself? Borzo is here to assist! We specialize in hassle-free gift delivery, ensuring your present reaches its destination without you having to leave the comfort of your home. You can trust our reliable couriers, who are well-trained in timely and professional delivery practices.

₹ 48

Start from ₹ 48 for hyperlocal tariff in Mumbai and ₹ 9 per km in zone 1
Deliver anything - Borzo

90 min

We can deliver documents, products, flowers ASAP or at a specified time
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Selling online? Place orders via API. Find the guidelines at API Docs

Convenient and Affordable Gift Delivery with Borzo

If you need to send gifts to multiple recipients, we can handle that too. Simply enter all the delivery addresses, and our system will efficiently manage multiple deliveries at once, potentially reducing your delivery costs. Discover why we’re among the most trusted delivery services in India by booking on our easily accessible website or through our Borzo app available on iOS and Android devices. Our booking process is quick and straightforward, taking just a minute or two without the hassle of lengthy registrations. Plus, we offer competitive rates.

Our couriers can collect the gift from any store or location you specify, or directly from your home, and ensure it arrives safely at the intended destination. You’ll also receive delivery updates on your phone, so there’s no need to worry about the status of your gift. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, or any other celebration, Borzo delivers on time and with care.

Borzo is revolutionising express delivery

Borzo Delivery Calculator

Fill out our online form to receive instant delivery charge calculations, eliminating the need to wait for quotes.

The number to contact the courier is Borzo

Stay connected throughout the delivery process with SMS notifications containing the courier’s phone number at each point.

Within 7 minutes our system assigns the nearest top-rated courier, ensuring timely and efficient service.

Order delivery without registration - Borzo

Book courier deliveries effortlessly without the hassle of account creation or contract signing. Just provide sender and receiver phone numbers!

Trust our system to prioritize high-rated and nearby couriers for fast and reliable deliveries.

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Opt for Cash on Delivery (COD) to streamline payment collection and accelerate revenue turnover for your business.

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!

Your convenience is Our Specialty

Save Time with Borzo
Save Time with Borzo

Let us simplify your day by assisting with tasks like grocery shopping, providing convenience when you need it most.

Borzo couriers handle any items up for delivery with care
Modules platform

Enhance your Shopify-based store’s checkout experience with seamless integration of the Borzo delivery module.

Our delivery prices are calculated based on distance and type of delivery
Bulk ordering

Registered users can streamline order management by uploading spreadsheets for automatic list creation.

Delivery Service Options

Cheap delivery - Borzo

Cheap delivery

Match special requirements - Borzo couriers

Match special requirements

Bike delivery - Borzo

Bike delivery

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks

Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!