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Courier jobs in Pune with Borzo on your terms

You get paid for the time and distance of a trip, plus tips and bonuses
Boost your income
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Make your own schedule and choose when and for how long to deliver
Flexible timetable
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Fill in your data in the app and get your first orders the same day: no barriers
Quick start online
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A lot of orders near you: take them regularly, or deliver parcels on you way
Full-time or part-time
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The app is easy to use and gets better everyday on your demand
Convenient app
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Support at every step

Delivery job opportunity that fits your lifestyle

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Keep 100% of what you earn
No discounts

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App for courier job, designed by couriers

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Income, tips and orders stats — all in one place
Keep track of progress
Choose available orders from the list or on the map
Easy to take orders

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Join Borzo as a courier: earn up to ₹7000 weekly with delivery courier jobs
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