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Best courier jobs in Mumbai

Best Courier Job in Mumbai with Borzo

Mumbai is a city where getting a quality job with very difficult because of the competition. If you are currently unemployed or already working somewhere but want to make much more money freelancing after the job, then Borzo courier job in Mumbai is here to help you earn.

We are looking for individuals in Mumbai who are ready to donate a few hours of their free time daily to work for us. We are an urgent courier delivery service. We are partners with many restaurants and businesses who deliver their products locally in Mumbai. In a city like Mumbai, a courier boy is never free and can potentially earn a good amount of money per month.

Free schedule
Become a boss: only you decide when to work. Create an individual work schedule and combine it with your favorite hobby, family or study.
Earn good money
It doesn’t require to buy a car, equipment or other things — start earning today.
Easy registration
To start working you just need a modern cell phone and positive attitude. Sign up in the app with your passport and phone number in 5 minutes.

While working with us as a courier boy, your responsibility will be to receive the parcels from the sender’s address and deliver them to the address of receiver. You receive the address and contact details of both receiver and sender whenever you are given a delivery job. You won’t even need to travel longer distances because we will only assign you the couriers which are to be delivered closest to you.

You don’t even need a motorbike for this job because many of our couriers deliver parcels cycling. We offer both cycling and walking courier service as well along with the motorbike courier service. It is a good way to reduce the increasing amount of traffic from the roads. Therefore, you will not only be earning money by working with Borzo, but you will also be making your city greener. Cycling will ultimately help you achieve good health as well which is the best benefit of all.

We will be providing you with the required trainings for this job before you start working. Good communication skills and fast delivery of parcels is all that you need to provide a quality delivery each time. Call us to learn more about the courier job in Mumbai.

International company

Borzo is an international crowdsourced courier delivery service. Our couriers deliver more than 20,000 dispatches daily across 11 countries — including India, Malaysia, and Mexico.

Tech company
The only thing you need to start working as one of our couriers is your mobile phone and our app. All delivery, location, and payment information is available online. It’s easy to use, but comments are always welcome to help us improve things.
You bring people happiness
Couriers are small business superheroes! They save companies and their customers time, money, and hassle. They don’t just dispatch parcels — they’re a crucial part of the supply chain.

To become a POGO courier just follow a few super-simple steps:


Download the app, register, and get approved


Pick a convenient date and time to start


Respond to the orders that suit you best


Get paid!

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