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Top Courier Delivery Apps in India for 2024

Looking for the best courier delivery apps in India to simplify your parcel deliveries? Check out our comprehensive guide featuring the top 10 apps like Borzo and more.
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The e-commerce landscape in India is experiencing rapid expansion, presenting a large number of challenges and opportunities for courier delivery services. From bustling metropolitan centers to remote rural regions, navigating India's diverse terrain necessitates innovative solutions. With the widespread adoption of smartphones and digital payment platforms, there is a surging demand for technology-driven delivery services tailored specifically to the Indian market.

Why Use Courier Delivery Apps?

Courier delivery apps offer a multitude of advantages for both businesses and consumers. For businesses, these apps provide cost-effective solutions for managing deliveries, optimizing routes, and offering real-time tracking capabilities. They also empower businesses to extend their reach to a wider customer base, including remote locales. On the consumer front, these apps offer doorstep delivery, transparent tracking systems, and flexible delivery options, simplifying parcel management for individuals and businesses alike.

Best Courier Delivery Apps in India

1. FedEx
- Established in 1971, FedEx stands as a global logistics powerhouse catering to the needs of e-commerce businesses across India. With its extensive workforce and diverse shipping options, FedEx ensures seamless domestic and international deliveries, inclusive of Cash on Delivery (COD) services.
2. Blue Dart
- With its inception in 1983, Blue Dart boasts an expansive network covering thousands of pin codes within India and numerous international destinations. Offering express delivery services along with COD facilities, Blue Dart's real-time tracking API guarantees transparency and reliability for businesses.
3. Borzo
- Since its establishment in 2012, Borzo has emerged as a premier international same-day delivery service operating in various countries, including India. Leveraging a user-friendly app and a vast courier network, Borzo efficiently processes millions of orders each month, particularly catering to small- and medium-sized enterprises.
4. Dunzo
- Pioneered in 2014, Dunzo has revolutionized hyperlocal deliveries across India with its remarkable 19-minute grocery delivery service and widespread pick-up and drop services across urban centers. Through its Dunzo For Business platform, the company facilitates seamless business-to-user interactions, positioning itself as a preferred choice for hyperlocal deliveries.
- Since its inception in 1990, DTDC has been synonymous with trust in the courier industry, offering customizable delivery solutions tailored for e-commerce enterprises. With an expansive network, DTDC ensures efficient tracking and reporting for businesses both domestically and internationally.
6. Delhivery
- Established in 2011, Delhivery specializes in reverse logistics and COD services, addressing the dynamic requirements of e-commerce businesses. Its comprehensive suite of services encompasses domestic and international courier solutions, delivering a seamless shipping experience.
7. Ekart Logistics
- Founded in 2009 as the logistics arm of Flipkart, Ekart Logistics plays a pivotal role in India's e-commerce ecosystem. With its extensive reach spanning thousands of pin codes, Ekart Logistics ensures timely deliveries for one of India's largest e-commerce platforms.
8. Ecom Express
- Since its establishment in 2012, Ecom Express has covered thousands of pin codes in India, with a particular focus on high-value goods such as jewelry. Through its swift last-mile delivery services, Ecom Express caters to the evolving needs of e-commerce enterprises.
9. DHL
- With a formidable presence dating back to 1969, DHL offers extensive coverage within India and globally. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability, DHL provides shipping insurance and optimized supply chain solutions for seamless order fulfillment.
10. Gati
- Founded in 1989, Gati streamlines distribution for retailers and online businesses, servicing thousands of pin codes across India. Its diverse delivery options and comprehensive services render it indispensable for e-commerce operations.


The abundance of courier delivery apps in India presents a plethora of options for efficient package handling and delivery. Whether streamlining business operations or seeking reliable courier services as an individual, these apps offer tailored solutions. Through technological innovation, they are reshaping India's delivery industry, making logistics accessible to all.
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