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How to Write Address on an Envelope for India Post

Discover essential tips for accurately addressing envelopes to avoid delays or returned parcels. From writing complete addresses to placement and legibility, ensure your mail reaches its destination seamlessly.
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The way an address is written on an envelope directly impacts the efficiency of delivery, making it crucial to adhere to specific guidelines and formats. In this guide, we'll explore the step-by-step process and practical tips for writing addresses on envelopes for India Post, ensuring that your mail reaches its intended destination smoothly and without delay.

Formatting the Address

Addressing an envelope correctly involves more than simply writing the recipient's name, address and other contact information. It requires additional attention to detail to make sure that specific guidelines are followed. Here's the recommended format by India Post:
1. Title and Receiver's Full Name
Start by addressing the recipient with their full name and title/position, if applicable.
2. Company Name
If the recipient belongs to a company, include the company name on the second line to facilitate organized mail sorting.
3. Building Details
On the third line, specify the flat/building/home/house number to pinpoint the exact location of the recipient.
4. Street Name and Number
Include the street number along with the street name on the fourth line for further precision in addressing.
5. Mohalla and City/Town/Village Name
On the fifth line, mention the Mohalla (neighborhood) followed by the city/town/village name for localization.
6. District Information
Specify the district name on the sixth line to streamline the sorting process and ensure accurate delivery within the region.
7. PIN Code
Conclude the address with the PIN code on the seventh line, essential for efficient processing and routing of mail.

Practical Tips for Writing on Envelopes

To speed up the delivery of your mail, it's important to provide complete and accurate addresses. You can follow these guidelines from India Post:
  • Maintain a margin for your letter with a minimum 15 mm blank space from the left, bottom, and right sides of the envelope.
  • Leave a minimum gap of 40 mm from the top for the address block of the addressee.
  • Do not forget to affix stamps or frank impressions in the top right corner, with a minimum gap of 10mm from the recipient's address block.
  • Always maintain a clear space of 15 mm for barcode printing at the bottom of the envelope, with a quiet zone of 5mm around the 2D barcode.
  • Print or type addresses clearly with a pen to ensure readability from an arm's length away.
  • Avoid using periods, commas, or other punctuation marks, as they can hinder legibility.
  • Ensure that the sender's logo does not exceed 25 x 50 mm in size, and the 2D barcode has a minimum size of 18 x 18 mm.
  • Maintain a quiet zone of at least 10mm on all sides of the address block if advertising is printed on privately manufactured envelopes or inland letter cards.


By following the guidelines of India Post, you can significantly reduce the risk of delays or returned parcels due to incorrect address formats. Remember to always write accurate addresses, follow proper placement guidelines, and ensure legibility to enhance the efficiency of your mail delivery process.
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