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How to Secure Proof
of Delivery with India Post

Ensure your packages are in safe hands using our step-by-step guide to obtain proof of delivery with India Post.
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What is Proof of Delivery (POD)?

Proof of Delivery or POD is a confirmation that a delivery package has been received by the intended recipient. It serves as evidence in case disputes arise regarding the delivery of a package. Whether you are a business owner dealing with undelivered items or an individual sending electronic items through India Post, having a reliable POD system is always important. There are also people experiencing that their India Post item is delivered but not received. With India Post POD service, they can provide you with the recipient's signature and delivery date, ensuring transparency of your shipments.

Steps to Obtain POD for Speed Post

Follow these simple steps to secure Proof of Delivery for your Speed Post shipments and ensure transparency in the delivery process.
1. Confirming India Post Item Delivery
India Post returns the POD with the recipient's signature and delivery date to the sender's address after successful delivery.
2. Registering a Complaint on India Post Complaint Portal
If you haven't received your POD, you need to register a complaint on the India Post Complaint Portal. This step ensures that your concern is officially documented and addressed promptly.
3. Receiving a Photo of the Delivery Slip
Post office staff will respond to your complaint by providing a photo of the delivery slip. This visual confirmation adds an extra layer of assurance. Print out the photo to use it as your official Proof of Delivery.
4. Using the Photo as Proof of Delivery
In the absence of the physical POD, the photo of the delivery slip serves as a valid and recognized Proof of Delivery. Store it securely for future reference and verification.
Customers can request the POD service when booking their Speed or Registered Post. This additional service incurs a nominal charge but provides peace of mind and assurance of delivery.
For Speed Post: 10/- Rupees per article
For Registered Post: 3/- Rupees per article

Practical Tips for Speed Post Shipping

1. Efficient Packaging Tips
Secure your items appropriately, use sturdy boxes, and add protective layers to prevent damage during transit.
2. Utilizing India Post's Tracking Features
Leverage India Post's tracking features to monitor your shipment in real-time and avoid any potential issues proactively.
3. Providing Clear and Accurate Address Information
Always double-check recipient details, street addresses, and ZIP codes to minimize the risk of misdelivery.
4. Opting for Additional Services
India Post offers additional services such as insurance and Proof of Delivery (POD). Consider availing these services to provide security and assurance to your shipments, especially for valuable items.
5. Reviewing Shipping Regulations
Stay updated on shipping regulations and guidelines to avoid any hiccups during the delivery process and ensure adherence to packaging and labeling requirements.


Proof of Delivery (POD) is not only an added confirmation of successful shipments, but also an evidence of accountability, transparency, and assurance for both senders and recipients. With POD, customers can also have a peace of mind that their packages are in reliable hands. Now, you'll enjoy hassle-free shipping with proof of delivery.
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