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Consignment Numbers in India Post: A Guide for Tracking Shipments

Discover the importance of a consignment number in India Post and how it facilitates the tracking and real-time updates on your shipments.
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What is a Consignment Number?

A consignment number is a unique 13-digit identifier assigned to a package shipped through India Post. The structure includes two letters representing the service type (e.g., EM for Express Mail Service), followed by nine computer-generated digits and ending with IN to signify India.

How to Obtain a Consignment Number?

The system automatically generates the consignment number during the booking process. The initial two letters provide insights into the chosen service, ensuring clarity on the type of shipment you're using.
India Post offers a user-friendly online tracking facility. This service allows customers to access real-time updates regarding the status and location of their packages.

How to Track Consignment?

To track your consignment in India Post, here are the basic steps you need to do:
1. Visit the India Post website
2. Input your 13-digit consignment number into the Track Consignment search tool. (You may also enter your reference number instead.)
3. Evaluate the expression to prove you are not a robot. This is implemented by India Post for extra security.
4. Click the "search" button.

Frequently Used Service Codes

Understanding the service codes is crucial for interpreting your consignment number. For instance, EM signifies Express Mail Service, while CP indicates Registered Parcel. Familiarizing yourself with these codes enhances your tracking experience.


In conclusion, a consignment number is your passport to hassle-free tracking through India Post. This 13-digit code, comprising service indicators and unique digits, simplifies the monitoring of your package. By utilizing the India Post online tracking service, customers gain real-time insights into their shipment's status and location.
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