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Best Sales Channels in the Restaurant Industry

Supercharge your restaurant sales with last-mile delivery mastery. Explore profitable sales channels, online ordering, and delivery logistics.
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For the growing number of restaurants, it's no longer about great food or having a good ambiance to attract customers. Now that the digital era has revolutionized food orders, opening other sales channels becomes a must to cater to the larger market. Let's explore insights from Borzo's blog on the most profitable sales channels in the restaurant industry, and how last-mile delivery can help run the restaurant operations effectively.

Understanding Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery refers to the final step in the supply chain. In this step, goods or services are transported from a distribution hub or facility to the end user or customer's location.
It is important to take note that this kind of delivery service should work seamlessly with your restaurant. You need to discover the recipe for a smooth connection between the kitchen, delivery team, and online platforms that can prevent any order delays. Learn how tools like advanced tracking and smart route planning can enhance customer experiences and pump up profits.

Best Sales Channels for Restaurants

Now that you know how last-mile delivery works, let's discuss the sales channels for your restaurant that align with your restaurant's offerings and customer base. When restaurants align themselves with profitable sales channels, the benefits are overflowing. Beyond the obvious boost in revenue, these channels contribute to improved brand visibility, customer engagement, and long-term loyalty. Here are the top 3 sales channels for restaurants:
To boost profits, your restaurant needs to be on multiple online food platforms. Explore the benefits of partnering with food delivery apps and third-party services for better availability and convenience.
Direct Ordering or B2C
To maximize your overall income, you may need to cut out the middleman. Direct online ordering on your website or page is a good strategy. Find out how to make the process smooth and enjoyable for your customers.
Modern Marketplace
Social media is more than just cat videos. Learn how to use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to get more eyes on your restaurant or "brand awareness," which eventually helps you to be recognized by many people in or out of your market. You may want to add some links on your post for direct orders to fully utilize the reach of your posts. Also, you can put your contact information for advanced or same-day orders.


Mastering last-mile delivery is the secret sauce for restaurant success. By diversifying sales channels, embracing technology, and tackling challenges head-on, your restaurant can thrive in the digital age without compromising the offline sales.
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