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What is an International Speed Post?

Learn International Speed Post and the charges per kg, maximum weight limits, and its delivery times. Know how to send documents via speed post and explore the benefits.
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Definition of International Speed Post

International Speed Post is a premium courier service that ensures swift and secure delivery of parcels and documents across borders. It operates on a streamlined process, involving efficient handling, quick transit, and prioritized customs clearance.

Speed Post Charges and Maximum Weight

Charges Per Kg
International Speed Post charges vary based on the destination and weight of the package. To get precise details, check with your local postal service or use online calculators available on official postal websites.
Maximum Weight
Wondering about the maximum weight your Speed Post can carry? The standard maximum weight limit often varies from country to country. You may try to check with your local post office for more specific guidelines.

Sending Documents via Speed Post

Sending important documents via International Speed Post is pretty much easy. Here's a simple guide:
1. Prepare your documents: Ensure they are securely packed.
2. Visit your local post office: Head to the nearest post office offering International Speed Post services.
3. Complete necessary forms: Provide accurate details about your shipment.
4. Pay for postage: The charges may vary based on weight and destination.
5. Receive tracking details: Keep tabs on your shipment with the provided tracking information.

Delivery Timeframes of an International Speed Post

How Many Days Does It Take?
The delivery time for International Speed Post depends on factors like destination, customs clearance, and shipping class. Generally, it takes between 5 to 15 business days. Refer to your postal service for specific details.

Benefits of International Speed Post

1. Swift Delivery: Enjoy faster delivery compared to regular postal services.
2. Reliability: Track your shipment in real-time for added peace of mind.
3. Global Reach: Send parcels and documents to numerous countries worldwide.
4. Secure Handling: Benefit from secure packaging and streamlined customs clearance.


When it comes to efficient global shipping, International Speed Post is surely your perfect logistics solution. With transparent charges, manageable weight limits, and swift delivery times, it's the ideal choice for your shipping needs.
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