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E-commerce Analytics for Your Online Store

Unlock the potential of your online business with our comprehensive guide to eCommerce analytics. Explore the challenges, benefits, and gain a profound understanding of eCommerce analytics with our expert insights.
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What is eCommerce Analytics?

E-commerce analytics involves the analysis of data generated by online businesses to derive valuable insights. This encompasses a broad knowledge of what is happening to your business, including customer behavior, sales trends, and website performance. Essentially, it's the meter graph to understand the digital pulse of your business.

Why is E-commerce Analytics Important?

E-commerce analytics is important because it provides businesses with insights into their online store's performance. It helps businesses gain knowledge as to how their online store is performing, what aspects need improvements, and what they should focus on to drive more sales. E-commerce analytics can help online stores answer technical questions like:
  • What are the most-visited products and pages on your web page?
  • On average, how much time or duration are people spending on a particular page?
  • Which pages on your website drive the most revenue for your business?
  • How valuable is traffic from search engines vs. social media ads?
  • Which marketing campaigns or channels are bringing in low-quality traffic that leaves without taking further action?
  • How many of your visitors are new vs. returning?
  • What percentage of visitors add a product to their cart and what percentage of those people actually complete checkout?
  • What are the most popular devices your website is viewed on

How to Get Started with E-commerce Analytics

Implement analytics tools that align with your needs and ensure seamless integration with your e-commerce platform. In consonance with this, you may want to try Google Analytics, a free website analytics platform that offers a wealth of insights that improve the understanding of your website audience, their acquisition, behavior, and profitability. Here are some basic steps to set up Google Analytics for your online store:
1. Create a Google Analytics account.
2. Set up a property for your online store.
3. Add the Google Analytics tracking code to your online store.
4. Set up ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics.
5. Set up goals in Google Analytics.
6. Set up filters in Google Analytics.


Understanding your website's key metrics is vital for business growth, and using e-commerce analytics is your go-to tool for valuable insights without needing a data expert. Just log in, ask the right questions, and discover essential details about your site and visitors. Improve user experience, boost conversions, target marketing effectively, and adapt in real-time for your e-commerce business.
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