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The Top 10 Parcel Service Providers in Bangalore for 2024

Looking for reliable parcel services in Bangalore? Explore the top 10 providers for 2024, from same-day delivery to temperature-controlled logistics, these providers ensure seamless shipping solutions for businesses.
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In Bangalore's logistics industry, businesses require reliable parcel service providers to meet their shipping needs. With the market evolving and customer demands shifting, businesses rely on reliable logistics partners to streamline their shipping processes. This article explores the top 10 parcel service providers in Bangalore for 2024, offering insights into their services, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

Top 10 Parcel Services Provider in Bangalore 2024

Founded in 2012, Borzo has been on a mission to revolutionize deliveries for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) not only in Bangalore but also in different parts of India. With a team of 250 members in India, Borzo specializes in efficient same-day delivery services, catering to a diverse range of products including food, pharmaceuticals, clothing, electronics, and more. Despite changing market dynamics, Borzo remains a frontrunner in the industry, handling hundreds of thousands of deliveries monthly.
Blue Dart
With a strong presence in Bangalore, Blue Dart stands out as South Asia's premier express air logistics provider. Boasting an extensive network spanning over 55,400 locations in India, Blue Dart offers secure and reliable parcel delivery services. Leveraging advanced technology and dedicated services, Blue Dart ensures seamless logistics solutions for businesses in Bangalore.
Established in 2011, Delhivery has emerged as a leading logistics provider, particularly for e-commerce businesses. Serving over 10,000 customers across India, Delhivery specializes in efficient reverse logistics and Cash on Delivery (COD) services. With a focus on express delivery options such as on-demand, same-day, and next-day delivery, Delhivery ensures swift and reliable shipments for businesses in Bangalore. The integration of Delhivery API enables businesses to automate shipping processes, including label generation and order management, enhancing efficiency and customer experience.
Since its inception in 1973, FedEx has been a pioneer in time-bound parcel deliveries. With operations starting in the Middle East in 1989 and expanding to Asia shortly after, FedEx has become a popular choice among Bangalore-based businesses. Their efficient tracking system and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make them a reliable logistics partner in the city.
Founded in 1989, Gati is a cornerstone of India's courier services industry, providing optimized distribution solutions for retailers and online businesses. With a vast reach covering 19,000+ pin codes and 735 out of 739 districts within India, Gati offers extensive distribution options, including express delivery, transportation, and warehousing solutions. Gati's expertise in handling COD orders and customizable pick-up options from warehouses ensures seamless logistics support for businesses in Bangalore.
As one of India's leading logistics providers, DTDC has established an extensive physical network in Bangalore. Their technology-enabled solutions and innovative approach have earned them a strong reputation in the city. DTDC's introduction of "channel partners" for enhanced customer accessibility has revolutionized parcel services in Bangalore.
Snowman Logistics
Snowman Logistics specializes in integrated temperature-controlled logistics, offering state-of-the-art services in transportation and delivery. With warehousing facilities located in key cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, Snowman Logistics provides comprehensive distribution solutions for temperature-sensitive parcels.
Prakash Parcel Services
Founded in Bangalore in 1992, Prakash Parcel Services has emerged as a well-known logistics provider catering to diverse clients. With a customer-centric approach and focus on growth partnerships, Prakash Parcel Services is the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable logistics support in Bangalore.
Kintetsu World Express
Originating from Japan, Kintetsu World Express is a global logistics brand with a significant presence in Bangalore. Their cargo and freight services cater to the specific needs of businesses in the city. With a global network of experts, Kintetsu World Express delivers tailor-made logistics solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client.
Freightco stands out as a leading logistics service provider offering comprehensive and efficient solutions. Excelling in warehouse management and cross-border logistics, Freightco serves Bangalore and neighboring countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh. Their commitment to sustainable practices, such as using bio-diesel fuel for transportation, sets them apart in the industry.
Uniworld Logistics
Uniworld Logistics, based in Bangalore, offers end-to-end logistics solutions for various industries. With vast experience and expertise, they provide effective and efficient logistics support to businesses. Uniworld Logistics' dynamic workforce and extensive network of partners make them a trusted choice for logistics solutions in Bangalore.


These top 10 parcel service providers in Bangalore are your ideal partners for delivering your customers' orders promptly and to their desired locations. With years of experience in the industry, these companies have built a strong customer base and a reputation for providing high-quality courier services within India. Countless small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses have entrusted these courier service providers to fulfill their customers' needs reliably and on time, so make sure to check them out for your shipping needs!
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