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Best Delivery Courier Partner for Ecommerce in Delhi - Borzo

Looking for cheap courier services in Delhi? We have collected information about the best, fastest and cheapest courier companies in Delhi for fulfilling e-commerce orders. Read on to choose a reliable partner for your business in 2023.


The success of any company relies heavily on the quality of the delivery experience it provides to customers, especially in the current era where online shopping is prevalent. Therefore, ecommerce sellers must not only offer efficient shipping solutions but also ensure they are affordable. In this blog, we have compiled information about the top courier companies in Delhi that offer the best, fastest, and most cost-effective services to fulfill your ecommerce orders.

Cheapest Courier Companies in Delhi for Your Ecommerce Business

When it comes to ecommerce, finding a courier company that offers affordable rates is crucial for maintaining your profit margins. Let's explore some of the cheapest courier services in Delhi that cater specifically to ecommerce businesses, based on our research:
1. Delhivery
Delhivery is one of the leading courier companies in India, providing efficient and cost-effective delivery services. With a vast network and a strong presence in Delhi, Delhivery offers competitive rates for ecommerce shipments.
2. Borzo
Borzo is a reliable courier partner for ecommerce businesses in Delhi. They specialize in providing seamless delivery services with a focus on speed and reliability. Borzo offers competitive pricing, making them an excellent choice for cost-conscious ecommerce ventures.
3. Shiprocket
Shiprocket is a popular courier aggregator platform that partners with multiple logistics companies. They offer ecommerce businesses with access to an array of shipping solutions at competitive rates. With Shiprocket, you can compare prices and choose the most cost-effective courier service for your needs.
4. Blue Dart
Blue Dart is a prominent courier company known for its extensive reach and reliable services. They offer a range of solutions tailored to ecommerce businesses, including express delivery options. While their rates may be slightly higher compared to other options, Blue Dart's commitment to timely delivery makes them a preferred choice for many ecommerce sellers.
DTDC is a well-established courier company with a strong presence in Delhi. They offer economical shipping solutions for ecommerce businesses, ensuring timely delivery of packages. DTDC's extensive network and competitive pricing make them a viable option for cost-effective courier services.
6. FedEx
FedEx is a renowned international courier company that also operates in Delhi. While their rates may be higher for international shipments, they offer competitive pricing for domestic deliveries. With a strong focus on reliability and speed, FedEx is a trusted courier partner for ecommerce businesses.
7. DHL
DHL is another global courier service provider that offers efficient delivery services in Delhi. While they primarily cater to international shipments, DHL also provides domestic delivery options. Their extensive network, advanced tracking systems, and reliable delivery make them a preferred choice for ecommerce businesses with international shipping needs.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Ecommerce Delivery Partner

Partnering with a courier service provider that fulfills specific requirements can be a very hard task, requiring business owners to plan and decide with careful considerations. Here are some factors to look out when choosing your delivery partner:
1. Speedy and Reliable Delivery
In delivery service, time is an ally that sometimes turns into a foe. Seek a courier service that offers speedy and dependable delivery options, ensuring that the items arrive to your customers on schedule.
2. Extensive Coverage
Consider a courier company that provides extensive coverage within Delhi and beyond. This ensures that you can cater to customers across various locations without any limitations.
3. Competitive Pricing
Cost-effectiveness is key for ecommerce shipping. Partner with a courier service provider that offers competitive pricing, allowing you to save on shipping costs and maximize your profit margins.
4. Tracking and Notifications
Transparency in the delivery process is vital. Choose a courier service that offers comprehensive tracking and notification systems, allowing you and your customers to stay updated on the progress of shipments.
5. Express Delivery Options
Urgent orders sometimes require express delivery. Select a courier partner that provides express delivery options to accommodate time-sensitive ecommerce orders.

Borzo: The Ideal Shipping Partner for Your Ecommerce Business

When considering the best delivery courier partner for your ecommerce business in Delhi, Borzo stands out as an exceptional choice. Let's explore the strengths and capabilities of Borzo:
1. Dedicated Support
Borzo offers dedicated customer support to assist you with any queries or concerns regarding your shipments. Their responsive and knowledgeable team ensures that you receive prompt assistance whenever needed.
2. Efficient Order Fulfillment
With Borzo, you can expect seamless order fulfillment. They understand the importance of timely deliveries and work diligently to minimize delays, ensuring customer satisfaction.ф
3. Safe and Secure Packaging
Protecting your products during transit is crucial to avoid any damages. Borzo takes utmost care in packaging your items securely, ensuring that they reach customers in pristine condition.
4. Affordable Pricing
Cost-effectiveness is a key consideration for ecommerce businesses. Borzo offers competitive pricing, allowing you to save on shipping costs and enhance your profitability.
5. Extensive Coverage in Delhi
Borzo provides extensive coverage within Delhi, ensuring that your shipments reach customers across the city promptly. This enables you to cater to a wide customer base without limitations.
6. Advanced Tracking Systems
Borzo employs advanced tracking systems to provide real-time updates on the status of your shipments. This transparency allows you and your customers to stay informed throughout the delivery process.
Partnering with Borzo ensures that your ecommerce business benefits from their strengths and capabilities, enabling you to provide customers with fast, efficient, and cost-effective shipping. By choosing Borzo as your courier partner, you can enhance the success of your ecommerce venture in Delhi.


When it comes to ecommerce courier services in Delhi, choosing the right delivery partner is crucial. Based on our research, Delhivery, Borzo, Shiprocket, Blue Dart, DTDC, FedEx, and DHL are among the top options to consider. Each of these courier companies offers competitive rates and reliable services to meet your ecommerce shipping needs. However, Borzo stands out as an exceptional choice due to its dedicated support, efficient order fulfillment, safe packaging, affordable pricing, extensive coverage in Delhi, and advanced tracking systems. Partnering with Borzo ensures that your ecommerce business receives fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping, ultimately contributing to its success in Delhi.
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