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Courier Delivery Charges and Prices Rates in India

To choose a reliable courier company, you need to consider the cost of delivery. We have compared the cost of courier services of most reputed companies in India. Read the details inside.

All You Need to Know About Courier Delivery Charges in India

When you have an urgent package to send or an important parcel to receive, you want a reliable courier service that won't break the bank. That's where understanding delivery charges in India becomes essential. These charges for courier services can vary widely depending on several factors, and being well-informed can save you both time and money.

What Determines the Cost of Shipping

Several factors influence the courier prices in India. Understanding these elements can help you assess why certain courier services may be more expensive than others:
1. Package Weight and Size
The weight and dimensions of your package play a vital role in determining the shipping cost. Heavier and larger packages generally incur higher charges as they require more handling and occupy more space during transportation.
2. Delivery Speed
The urgency of your delivery can impact the cost. Expedited or express delivery options may come with higher charges compared to standard shipping services.
3. Distance
The distance between the origin and destination is a significant factor in calculating shipping costs. Longer distances typically lead to higher domestic shipping charges in India.
4. Additional Services
Some courier companies provide additional services such as insurance for any emergency, package tracking to avoid delays, and signature confirmation for legality and security. These add-ons can increase the overall bill of the services.
5. Fuel Prices
Fluctuations in fuel prices can also influence delivery courier price, as transportation costs are directly affected by the price of fuel.

Comparison of Courier Price for Domestic Shipping

Now, let's compare the courier delivery charges of various reputable companies in India:
1. Borzo
Borzo offers competitive pricing and reliable shipping options within India. They provide the best courier services to cater to different customer needs, all at affordable prices.
Estimated delivery charge: 45 INR for 1 kg, depending on the weight of the package.
2. Indian Postal Service
The Indian Postal Service, being a government-operated entity, provides economical shipping solutions for domestic parcels. With its extensive network, it ensures accessibility throughout the country, making it a reliable choice for sending packages within India.
Estimated delivery charge: 60 INR for 500 g, depending on the weight of the package.
3. FedEx
FedEx is known for its global shipping capabilities, but they also offer domestic services within India. Their prices may be on the higher side for express deliveries.
Estimated delivery charge: 32 - 72 INR for 500 g, depending on pickup and delivery area.
4. Delhivery
Delhivery is a well-established courier service provider in India with a widespread network. They provide efficient shipping solutions at competitive rates.
Estimated delivery charge: 48 INR for 500 g, depending on package dimensions and pickup/delivery area.
5. Bluedart
Bluedart, a subsidiary of DHL, is a widely favored option for trustworthy and swift deliveries. This courier company offers top-notch services compared to competitors, but it comes with slightly higher prices.
Estimated delivery charge: 100 INR for 500 g and 50 for additional 50 g (Critical Express service)
DTDC is a trusted name in the courier industry and offers a range of domestic shipping options. Their pricing is generally competitive, making them a preferred choice for many.
Estimated delivery charge: 27 - 48 INR for 500 gm, depending on pickup and delivery area.
7. DHL
DHL, a global logistics giant, offers premium courier services within India as well. While their services are excellent, they may be more suitable for international shipments due to higher costs.
Estimated delivery charge: depending on personalized quotations
8. Ekart Logistics
Ekart Logistics, the logistics arm of Flipkart, provides efficient domestic shipping services with competitive pricing.
Estimated delivery charge: 27 - 54 INR per 500 gm, depending on destination, source, parcel weight, and service type.
9. Overnite Express Limited
Overnite Express Limited specializes in time-bound deliveries and has a strong presence in India. Their rates vary depending on the type of service selected.
Estimated delivery charge: 1,424 INR - 1,624 INR for packing materials; 824 INR - 924 INR for moving charge (Box Parcel)
10. Shadowfax
Shadowfax is a technology-driven logistics company that offers last-mile delivery solutions. Their pricing may be influenced by the location and urgency of the delivery.
Estimated delivery charge: starts at 50 INR per 4 km, depending on destination, source, parcel weight, and service type.

What is the Average Shipping Cost in India?

The average shipping cost in India varies based on the factors mentioned earlier. On average, for a standard-sized package weighing up to 1 kg, the courier charges can range from INR 50 to INR 200 for domestic shipments. However, pricing options may differ significantly depending on the courier company and the specific services availed.


Choosing a courier service involves more than just picking the first option you come across. To make the best decision, consider your specific needs, the urgency of the delivery, the package's weight and size, and most importantly, compare courier charges. By understanding the factors that keep your shipping costs higher than usual, you can make a well-informed choice without any unpleasant surprises.
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