Top 3 Reasons to do API Integrations for E-commerce Deliveries

Let’s say your business is online– you have your e-commerce website. It can be a website built from scratch, hosted on your server, or created on other platforms such as WordPress, Opencart, etc.

You’ve been checking out quality logistics services, which all mention “API Integration” for your site. What is an API Integration, and why are delivery companies offering it to your business as a logistics solution?

Defining API Integration

Let’s break down this term. API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” APIs “simplify software development and innovation by enabling applications to exchange data and functionality easily and securely.” (IBM, n.d.

An API Integration allows a seamless connection between two or more software applications. Have you ever downloaded an app, for example, Twitter, Linkedin, and you get shown options to sign up or log in via Google, Facebook, etc.? Ever experienced shopping online, and upon check out, you had an option to pay via PayPal, UPI? These are some easy examples of API Integrations we interact with regularly.

API Integration with Courier Services

Third-party logistics companies (3PL) uses API integrations to provide seamless end-to-end software solutions for e-commerce websites. Delivery platform APIs efficiently function to automate courier booking, dispatching, delivery order tracking, and fulfillment.

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3 significant advantages of a courier API integration

What does this mean for your business? We’ve listed down some advantages:

1. No need for manual booking

Your sales volume can get crazy, and with API Integration, there is no need to worry about booking individual couriers for each item delivery. Manual API integration ensures automatically placing an order on your delivery service partner’s end for every checkout. In the case of ready plug-ins, it is a semi-automatic process. These delivery requests need to be approved on your side before the orders get sent to your delivery service provider.

2. Your customers fill out all the details

Upon checkout from your e-commerce website, customers fill out delivery details. They can also include delivery notes for couriers and choose their preferred delivery schedule. This saves you a lot of time– think about how you would need to read through each delivery request and painstakingly enter each information if you aren’t API-integrated. Yikes.

3. Faster sales conversion

Customers prefer a smooth online shopping experience: browse, add to cart, checkout, pay online, and request for delivery. You can attract customers with promotions such as free delivery, and they are more likely to proceed with their purchase. Buyer’s remorse is one thing we wouldn’t want our customers to feel, and having an urgent delivery option can address that.

You’ve already invested in setting up your business online, and exploring more in the digital space shouldn’t stop you from making the most out of it. We’ve listed three significant advantages, as other courier API integrations may differ from company to company.

Borzo offers FREE API Integration and FREE API support to help you with your installation.

We can provide more advantages than those listed above. All you have to do is inquire, and we’ll be happy to assist you! 😁

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