How to Sell Products Online: Guide to Websites for Selling in 2019

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Selling products online has many advantages. Being self-employed and having the chance to work from home are some of them. As this sector keeps growing and more people start to explore it, knowing exactly how to get into it is crucial. This guide will help you learn about the trendiest products that you can sell online and the best websites to sell on.

Table of Contents:

1. 30 Trendy Products That You Can Sell From Home
1.1. Fashion Items
1.2. Body Products
1.3. Electronic Products
1.4. Mobile Phones
1.5. Sweaters and knitting products
1.6. Books
1.7. Shoes
1.8. Belts and ties
1.9. Phone cases
1.10. Handmade toys
2. Websites to sell products online
2.1. Amazon India
2.2. eBay
2.3. Flipkart
2.4. Snapdeal
2.5. Alibaba

How To Sell Homemade Products Online?

Reasons for Selling Online:

  • Some of the reasons that might tempt you to try selling goods online are:
  • You can work from home.
  • You can deal in any product of your choice.
  • It is easier to start compared to other traditional selling avenues.
  • You do not have to handle the products physically.
  • You can sell to people from any location in the world.

30 Trendy Products That You Can Sell From Home

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The process of deciding which products to sell online is a crucial part of starting your e-commerce business. These products, more often than not, will determine your profit margin and whether you will ever make it big in your business. The following is a breakdown of the 30 trendiest products that you can sell online from home:

Fashion Items

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a) Customized T-shirts
The world over, people want to wear clothes that communicate a particular message about them, or that represent their belief in something. Big brand customized clothing is not usually cheap, so setting up an online selling business from home to provide these products is advantageous. If you can allow people to get their messages, logos, or pictures printed on T-shirts, then you will be able to grow a steady online business.

b) Hooded Jackets
Hooded jackets never seem to go out of style. They can be paired with many types of outfits, and this makes them a darling for many. You will be astonished at just how demanding the orders will be when you start selling these jackets.

c) Gym outfits
People love to look and feel good. This has informed the choice of a lot of people who have taken up gym sessions to improve their physical appearance. You can take full advantage of this buzz by selling gym outfits.

Body Products

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a) Anti-aging cream
A lot of people fear the idea of aging and wrinkles forming on their face, so they are continually scouting for products that can help them eradicate the wrinkles on their faces. Anti-aging cream is in high demand, it will move volumes when you sell it online.

b) Acne Cream
Acne affects many women, causing a lot of damage to their self-esteem. Many of the products sold to these women are not that effective. Creating a naturally processed ingredient that helps solve the problem of acne in women will give you access to a broad market.

c) Skin lightening cream

Not all people appreciate having too much melanin on their skin. This has led to the need for skin lightening creams that can reduce the melanin content in the skin. Selling this product online almost guarantees a constant and reliable market that can be counted upon at all times.

Electronic Products

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a) VR Equipment
The world of gaming has evolved, and this evolution has led to more realistic gaming experiences being offered through virtual reality equipment. There is a massive demand for these products online. Being a reliable supplier of the products can help you earn a fortune selling them.

b) Neck Massagers
Our lifestyles do not give us much time for services such as a massage. Neck massagers, however, allow people to wear them and walk around with them without much inconvenience. Recently, more of these products are being sought online by people who want a massage while they are at work.

c) HDTV Antennas
Not everyone wants to pay for cable TV, a DTV antenna is more affordable. People are starting to go back to these antennas because cable TV prices are being hiked on a daily basis.

Mobile Phones

a) Folding Phones
The release of folding phones this year has led to an online buzz about them. Since not all parts of the world have received these devices yet, you can sell these phones online and ship to the areas that have not had the phones launched there yet.

b) Smart Watches
Everyone wants a convenient device that they can pair with their smartphone. Smartwatches fit the bill perfectly and have been in high demand in recent times. Selling smartwatches online can prove to be a profitable business in the long run.

c) Wireless chargers
Wireless chargers are another new phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. Many people are abandoning the cable chargers and going for this more convenient alternative that offers convenience when charging. These charges are highly recommended items to sell from home.

Sweaters and knitting products

a) Stitch markers
Stitch markers help a knitter to mark off the stop they left at while knitting a particular sweater. Their importance cannot be understated as they are a necessity for every knitter, whether a beginner or seasoned one. Selling these stitch markers online from home can be a great business idea to venture into.

b) Needles
Absolutely no knitting can continue without needles. One of the most lucrative items to sell from home is stitch needles. These can be marketed easily and will get you a constant market if you focus your energy on selling them.

c) Yarn guide
Many people get confused when they are knitting with two colors. This affects both amateurs and professionals. A yard guide is an excellent way for anyone to separate the two colors that they are knitting with and maintain an even tension. Selling yard guides helps to make this convenience available to many people, and thus, they sell very fast.


a) Portable Book Light
Many readers prefer reading their books at night when there is minimal distraction. Reading at night can be a bit of work, especially if you want the lights to be turned off and you do not have a reading lamp. A portable book light, however, changes this whole dynamic. Selling these portable lights to book lovers can generate a lot of revenue using the right websites to sell online.

b) Paperback novels

Due to the high prices associated with hardcover novels, a lot of people prefer buying paperback novels nowadays. These versions are cheaper and weigh less, thus incurring lower shipping charges. Investing in an online business that sells paperback books is a recommended way of building a stable income working from home.

c) Reading tables
Many book lovers, will not sit down to read in any old part of the house. They want a dedicated area in which they can read their books and write notes. Reading tables come in handy for this. Running a business that sells reading tables from home can be a stable way of earning income.


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a) Hiking Boots
Hiking is no longer an activity reserved solely dedicated for country people. This challenging activity is open to many people nowadays, which has led to a rise in demand for hiking boots. You can sell them from home without much hassle and make money out of it.

b) Women’s Heels

A classy pair of heels never goes out of fashion. Women love heels and selling beautiful women’s heels from home can be grown into a steady business. You will need to scout for websites that you can sell from which have a constant flow of traffic.

c) Rubber Shoes
Rubber shoes are loved because they are unisex and can be paired with almost any casual outfit. Investing in a business that sells these items from home is a sure way of creating an income that keeps growing.

Belts and ties

a) Customized ties
Formal ties can be boring at times, so customized ties are changing the trend. Hand making these ties or outsourcing them and then using reputable websites to sell the products is a business you can engage in from home.

b) Leather belts
Men love leather belts that add a sophisticated touch to their outfit. Leather belts are a fast selling product, especially in the male demographic. You will create a steady business selling belts online from home.

c) Belt Loops

Poking holes into belts is something that a lot of people hate doing and, frankly speaking, it is very annoying. Selling belt loops solves this problem and it can be done from the comfort of your home without having to own a physical store.

Phone cases

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a) Ring holder phone case
Phone cases with ring holders are becoming a convenience that many people are warming to. This niche promises to keep growing, and getting in on it at this early stage can catapult you to great heights.

b) Customized phone cases
Customized phone cases add a funky look to any mobile device. Designing these phone cases and placing them on e-commerce sites is the best way to sell products online. If you can make the trendiest and customized themes come into one, you will have a stable business that you can run from home.

c) Wooden phone cases

Wooden phone cases make the phone look amazing, and it is less slippery in your hand. Selling these wooden phone cases can be an enriching business one can operate from home.

Handmade toys

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a) Dolls
Kids have played with dolls from the earliest days, and this is not about to change anytime soon. Selling handmade dolls, you can appeal to a specific market niche that will keep hooked to your products online.

b) Customized toy cars
Children, just like adults, are fascinated by cars and the closest they can be to owning one is by playing with toy cars. You will have a large market when you sell these toys online.

c) Jigsaw Puzzles

Handmade jigsaw puzzles offer a unique challenge that can grow people’s intelligence. Selling handmade jigsaw puzzles guarantees you a steady market online.

Websites to sell products online

Amazon India

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Amazon India is one of the most reliable online shopping websites in Asia. You will be able to penetrate a market of more than 3 billion people with proper marketing and product choice.

– Access to a broad market.
– Ease of use.

– Stiff competition from other traders and Amazon itself.


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This is one of the first online shopping websites that ever existed.

– There is no competition from eBay itself.
– Multiple selling options.

– Not suitable for highly priced goods.


This is another household name and a very reputable online selling website.

– Famed for its one business day deliveries.
– Suitable for both high-priced and low-priced products.

– Some users find it difficult to navigate.


Though still relatively new to the market it has established itself as a reputable e-commerce site.

– Has a broad reach in multiple locations in India.
– Easy to set up.

– Not recommended for B2B transactions.


This the biggest B2B online selling website in the world.

– Most suited for B2B transactions.
– Cheaply priced goods.

– Completing a transaction can be hectic for newbies.


Selling goods online from home is an income-generating activity that you can engage in without much hassle. Investing time in researching the right product to sell and looking for the most appropriate channel to use is key to success in e-commerce.

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