Best Digital Marketing Strategies For eCommerce in 2019

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Tag box is an iot that employs automation together with analytics for its business of cold chain supply. Tag box works to use iot, control as well as automation that enables the business to view the entire cold chain in rea-time basis. This iot based solution helps companies to cut down on energy costs, minimize the rate at which products spoil, meet compliance requirements, reduce theft and prifilage, optimize transportation costs and reduce insurance premiums on cargos.

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Top 10 Innovative Ideas in India

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Website app building

You can start up an innovative business as a website developer. You can venture into website development, app development, or even website WordPress development. You can sort out the needs of companies through programming languages, SEO, as well as web design techniques.

IT hardware solutions

IT hardware solutions is another tech-savvy Idea for startups. Businesses use IT every day in the form of computers as well as laptops. You can start a business that sells unique IT hardware solutions to local companies that are around you offer IT repair services for your clients as an additional service.

Niche blogging

Blogging is another innovative business that can make you a lot of money and requires very little money for a start. People usually misinterpret the concept of niche blogging and end up starting blogs with all sorts of ideas. This way, they fail to land lucrative deals for advertisement. Instead of mixing data, rather decide to concentrate on specialized topics such as traveling, fashion, lifestyle, personal finance etc., any item that interests you would be perfect.

Shoe cleaning startup

With the laundry business overcrowded with young entrepreneurs, you may find it a good idea to start up a shoe cleaning business instead. These businesses thrive mostly in areas that have been busy with activities. Do not let the dirty shoes scare you, the truth of the matter is that you can make a lot of money cleaning different shoes as a start-up business from leather shoes to rubber shoes.

Soap bar business

People will always need to use soap in their homes daily, this is why you ought to venture into this start-up business. You don’t have to go big on this business like on a national level. You can start the production in small scale where you make for people homemade soaps in various scents such as lavender, lemon. Even better you can make the soaps organic as people love products that do not contaminate the environment.

eEcommerce store

Well, when the word ecommerce is mentioned, it doesn’t mean buying or designing a big website. It’s a straightforward start up the business idea. You can buy an ecommerce store from big websites online then start marketing their products for them through platforms like AdSense and emails or any other platform that you find interesting.

Ticketing business

In the past, people used to book tickets for travel the conventional way of making long, endless cues that are so tiresome. Thanks to the growing tech world in terms of internet and mobile devices, the process has been simplified. All you need to start this business is an excellent website along with an app that people can use for booking tickets online. Although the company is highly profitable, you might need to dig deeper into your pockets to keep developing the website as well as apps.

Packaged water business

Technically speaking people need water to survive. Although there are already string brands in India that are selling packaged water, you can always take the company as a startup. Look for unique places such as railway stations or bus stations where people don’t fuss much about brands and sell your way to big profits.

Vegetable or Herb juice business
People nowadays have turned to eat healthy as they are well aware of lifestyle-related diseases like cancer and heart diseases that are expensive to treat. The business of selling vegetable or herb juices is highly underrated. You will surely get many customers with this business since people believe that the fluids can prevent as well as cure diseases.
Nondairy ice-creams

You can make lots of bucks selling nondairy ice-reams such that do not include with milk products. These types of ice-creams contain healthier alternatives such as coconut milk as well as soy milk. You will make huge profits, especially from people that value healthy living.

Top 10 eCommerce Startup Ideas

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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you earn a commission by selling products from other businesses. Companies, especially the ones that sell online, always want to promote their products to increase their sales, and you can work with them as an affiliate marketer. Big names that offer affiliate marketing products include Amazon as well as Clickbank. However, before venturing into affiliate marketing, it is wise to get an affiliate marketing guide and read then learn the basics of copywriting as well as SEO.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a unique eCommerce business idea whereby you sell other people’s products through your online store and receive your dues when the orders are complete. You can find big players such as AliExpress from where you can buy the online store. Choose suppliers in your specialization and add their products to your store so that you can get going. It is wise to market your store so that you can reach a wider audience; Proper knowledge of SEO will come in handy for this.


Many young entrepreneurs are making money through youtube. All you need is a skill or talent. You can then make fun videos and upload them on youtube to start making money. Ensure that your content is unique and fresh so that you keep getting subscribers and fans.

Sale on eBay

Selling on eBay is another profitable venture for you. It’s quite easy, select a product that you want to sell although one that is not too expensive and start selling it on eBay. Adding a product description as well as an image of the product is all you need to launch the sale.

Online Consultancy

Another brilliant idea is starting an online business consultancy. If you have a lot of knowledge in a particular area, you can begin to offering online, offering online consultancy services to your customers. For example, if your specialization is human resource, you can provide human resource consulting services where you guide businesses in acquiring the best employee.

Online Freelancing

There are freelancers online that get hired to offer their services. If you are a writer, musician, artist, video editor or a content marketer, you can sign up on platforms such as Elance or even Upwork where you bid for jobs from clients and get paid online.


Vlogging is about making content that people can hear and watch as well instead of reading as is in blogging. You need to invest in proper vlogging equipment such as a great camera and a clear microphone so that you can capture quality videos and audios. You can even do affiliate marketing where you review other products from companies, and they pay you for the advertisement. Vlogging platforms such as video motion will enable you to kickstart this process.

Selling photographs

If you are a great photographer, you can venture into selling pictures online. Many businesses buy images that are called stock images. However, before venturing into this business, look up several websites that sell stock images so that you can get a clear idea on the company.

Sell discount coupons

The internet enables you to sell almost anything online. People love discounts as well as special promo codes, making this business idea an ideal one. Do a lot of research in this field so that you can get more info and know the best ways of reaching the target audience.

Digital Product selling

People always want to know more about how they can use the internet to their advantage. If you are an expert in the digital meeting, you can publish an online course and sell it in Amazon or come up with highly informative videos. Alternatively, you can offer digital marketing services to businesses on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or linked in.

Top 10 IOT Startup Ideas
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Tag Box

Tag box is an iot that employs automation together with analytics for its business of cold chain supply. Tag box works to use iot, control as well as automation that enables the business to view the entire cold chain in rea-time basis. This iot based solution helps companies to cut down on energy costs, minimize the rate at which products spoil, meet compliance requirements, reduce theft and prifilage, optimize transportation costs and reduce insurance premiums on cargos.

Open app

Conceptualized in March 2014, Open app specializes in smart locks when it comes to iot. It offers solutions that are scalable enough to aid in the reduction of problems arising from management, as well as, is more service-oriented in the provision of smart lock solutions that end on end.


Iotrek is an upcoming technological solution that endeavors to make infrastructure as well as outdoor field sites much safer through the use of wireless networks that are low power, intelligent sensors together with machine learning software. The company works with many big companies in India and the USA as well to make infrastructure and the process of productivity much safer while saving costs.


Offering iot as well as Saas solutions, Tempgo main operations are in the transport world. The iot solution incorporates a hardware unit that is GPS based on the tracking of the location of vehicles as well as their location. With the help of sensors, the unit can also track fuel prifilage. For refrigerated trucks, it can record the temperature along with the behaviors of the vehicle as well as data.


Although its main offices are located in Singapore, CoveloT is another iot idea that has helped many businesses in India in the launching of smart products. With the application of wearable technologies, it focuses on GPS tracking, digital solutions as well as monitoring the over the health of the business.


Through machine learning, this iot based solution can assist when it comes to building operations, workforce efficiency, occupant comfort as well as sustainability performance all I real-time basis. The machine learning processes can gather data from several buildings that asset managers find beneficial. The platform makes air-conditioning systems, lift systems, software facilities, among other methods that buildings require.

Tyre press

Tyre express is most beneficial for fleet operators. It is beneficial in helping them in the monitoring of the performance of vehicles in real time. Fleet operators can optimize fuel efficiency, tyre longevity as well as operational efficiency.

Fashion Labs

Fashion Labs is another iot based startup for water reading. It is ideal for the detection of leaks, water pressure, water consumption as well as water supply through the use of data mining solutions as well as productive analytics. It helps businesses to keep their plumbing costs as well as maintenance costs at pay.

Altizon systems

Through the use of datonis, action systems can for building to any business. Its primary services are inclusive of big data analytics, certified hardware, device connectivity kit, web design, mobile apps, as well as device connectivity.

Ecolibrium energy

Ecolibrium focuses on bringing about energy efficiency to efficiency of commercial as well as industrial consumers. It offers targeted energy analytics to is clients and improve the distribution efficiency of power companies. Rail Corp and Coca-Cola are among its top clients, just to mention but a few.

Top 10 Biotech Start-Up Ideas

Plant nursery

You can start a plant nursery that sells plants, flowers as well as vegetables. Market yourself and sell to residential spaces and commercial businesses around you.

Waste treatment plant

The waste treatment plant is another excellent business idea for biotechnology students. It is the process of treating sewage and converting it to a usable form that can be released back to the environment. The treated water can be used to bath, wash clothes, and even clean the house.

Biogas production

The traditional gas is costly for most Indians. Biogas is a cheaper option for gas and can make you a lot of profits.

Fish farming

There are many different fishes that you can farm. When the fish is ready for harvest, you can sell them to restaurants, supermarkets, stores, hotels as well as individual clients around you.

Perfume manufacturing

Starting a perfume manufacturing unit is another excellent idea for biotech students. Many men and women in India use perfume daily. This business is a guarantee that you will have a ready market for your product.

Biotechnology consultant

Biotechnology consultancy is another excellent idea that you can start. If you are good at biotechnology as a subject, you can train other students for money. Services, like career planning, internship programs as well as training programs, will surely make you money.

Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is an excellent way of making yourself some Money. Mushrooms require a few weeks to mature before you can start selling them. There is a considerable market of Indians seeking to buy fresh and exotic mushrooms.

Biodegradable plastics production

The conventional plastics are the leading causes of pollution. There many items that you can make from plastics, including kitchen utensils. You can be able to generate biodegradable plastics from petrochemicals that breakdown at a fast speed as well as bioplastics coming from natural materials, i.e., corn starch.

Vaccine manufacturing

Vaccines come in handy in the prevention of dangerous diseases such as polio. As a biotechnology student, you can come up with your unique vaccine and sell it to the government, and soon it will be used all over the world, and you will make lucrative profits.

Biofertilizer manufacture

There is an increased demand for biofertilizers since conventional chemical can be harmful to most products as well as human beings. This option is, therefore, an open venture, and you can produce fertilizers form biological products such as plants and animals then sell them at a profit.

10 Education Startups Ideas
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Skill development center

Skill Development is a successful education-based startup. However, you must ensure that you offer top not education and you have the necessary infrastructure as well. Some of the skill-based ideas that you can take up include embroidery, carpentry, beading, baking spices, etc.

Computer training

In this error where technology rules over everything, computer training is an excellent way of making huge cash. Just like skill development, you will need to raise some money to buy the machinery and infrastructure and maybe hire a few teachers.

Tutor finder app

This technological way of making money is also worth mentioning. You can develop an app that connects students to the best tutors online. If you are not able to create an app yourself, then you can look up the existing ones, market them to earn you some cash.

Career Magazine

A career magazine is a brilliant education startup, although it is easing as easy. In the magazine, you can include career advice on how to choose the best university courses, how to apply for the best universities, or even how to find the best employers. You can hire people to help you publish the work, create content, and also distribute it. However, this business requires you to have an exceptional eye to detail so that all the information you remit to the world is indeed accurate and inspirations.

Proofreading services

Proofreading services are a low-cost education startup that is easy to start. You can make money online by proofreading for people books as well as articles that they have written and need outside input. People who own blogs or write eBooks are also your potential clients. You can find proofreading jobs on platforms such as Elance and Upwork to help you start. If you are looking for a steadier income, you can search for a publishing company near you and let them outsource some proofreading jobs to you.

Online learning app

You can develop an online learning app and start making money online. You may choose any topic that fits you or that you best know so that students can use it as an online resource. Remember that the success of the app is highly dependent upon how skilled you are in the topic. You can also make money through the app by advertising products and services from other companies.

Drawing School

You can start a drawing school, that is if you are a great artist. Check around and find out if there is indeed a need for drawing classes in your area. You can train school kids how to draw anything from portraits to landscapes.

School and college supplies

Anyone has the potential of starting a notebook manufacturing business and gain success. You can make the company homemade and make necessary items like exercise books, registers, as well as diaries on a small scale and sell to offices, schools, and residential areas around you. You can also supply other essentials such as chalks, stable pins, rulers, erasers as well as pens. These items may require a substantial investment to start, but you can launch it by buying cheaply from manufacturers and selling at wholesale prices to the institutions.

School uniform Making

The business of making school uniforms is booming at a high rate. The company requires a relatively small investment on machinery as well as fabric to start. The market is significant since you will find that every student needs at least three to four pairs of uniforms. This business can even be home-based since you can start on a low scale with school goers in your area.

Academic Coaching Classes

Students nowadays prefer academic coaching. The business is easy to start, and you can coach students on any topic that you prefer and charge them a certain fee. The success rate is highly dependent on the number of classes you can handle in a day as well as your level of expertise.


These top fifty business ideas are indeed proof that you can start earning money on a small scale. You can start them with your savings or by getting soft loans from lenders such as cooperative societies that charge small interest loans. You must also plan to be successful before starting on the business. You can get expert advice from other people who have the same business type and are thriving. Through small business ideas, you will surely reach your dreams and aspirations.

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