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The internet has revolutionized how people shop. Online stores are becoming more common each day, especially here in India. With many brick and mortar stores opting to revolutionize into online stores, reliable same-day delivery services are necessary. The following is a guide on some of the good courier services in India.

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Importance of a Courier Service for an Online Store

a) Logistics
Handling delivery services as a solo individual can be one of the toughest tasks there ever is. Couriers have an established network that allows them to deliver packages conveniently to people in different parts of the country. Partnering with best courier services helps to expand your markets to these areas that you cannot reach on your own.

b) Build Trust
Many people will trust best courier services when they deliver goods to their doorsteps, offices, or other collection points compared to ordinary individuals. With a courier service, you are able to foster trust with your clients and thus grow your business more.

c) Monitor deliveries
Many couriers have a tracking system that can allow you to monitor deliveries in real time. This ensures that the goods are not lost in transit, and in case of any mishaps, you can make a quick intervention.

The following are some of the best courier services that are operating in India.

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Coming top of the list on bets courier service in India is Wefast. This company is built on the existence of your need for quick delivery of goods. Whether you are looking to deliver a large consignment to one of your online customers or it is just a parcel, Wefast has got you covered. Priding itself in having the largest network of on-foot and cycling delivery persons, Wefast not only makes time deliveries but does to your convenience. This wide network of delivery persons has made it possible for this courier service to make same-day deliveries a reality in India. With Wefast, your customer will not have to wait for ages to receive the goods that they have ordered from your online shop.

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Wefast helps to ensure that trust is built between you, the seller, and your buyer. This company does this by sending the buyer the number of the package delivery person in their locale. This allows for quick verifications on how far is the delivery process gone. This also allows Wefast to keep track of all its delivery persons and so can the client as well in case this information is to be required at a later date.

Online GPS tracking of the delivery routes ensures that the package is not lost and the customer gets the goods as had been anticipated. Wefast chooses the safest routes that ensure the safety of the package to be delivered and that of the delivery person. Wefast also helps you to make secure payments through cash on delivery. This goes a long way in ensuring that you receive payments on time.

India Post Service

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One of the longest-serving courier services in India, The India Post Service is a cheap and best courier service you can partner with for your eCommerce business. This courier service is focused on putting the e-commerce scene in India on the world map. Whether you are making deliveries locally in India or you are doing exports via your e-commerce site, you have no better partner to rely on that the Indian Post Service. This courier has partnered with several other couriers across the world to make your export deliveries seamless.

The Post service has integrated an e-commerce portal on its website to make your e-commerce deliveries much easier. Log on to the site and click the e-commerce portal and book for delivery with the option of making the payment once the goods have been confirmed to be delivered. SMS delivery notifications allow you the convenience to get notifications without having to be connected to the internet.

If you’ve been thinking of adding cash on delivery feature on your eCommerce payment options but have not found a reliable partner, then worry no more. The India Post service makes cash on delivery payment methods possible and will remit the payment back to you the same day after processing. This ensures that both you and your customer are satisfied with the transaction made.

Gati Limited
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This is the best courier service in India if you are dealing with perishable goods. Their two option of delivery either by road and flight make them the most trusted next day delivery service that you can have in India. If you are looking at growing your online food business, then Gati Limited is the company that you need to be working with to get your business to the next level.

The company’s website is easy to navigate, and you will find the e-commerce page that will avail to you access to all the service that this courier offers. They have a wide connection of up to six metros that make same-day deliveries possible. Additionally, high-speed air cargo movement helps you reach even the most distant customers on time. Your business is sure to grow when you partner with this courier service to make deliveries from your e-commerce site. Book your delivery online and get an immediate response and time estimate that it will take to have the product delivered to your customer.

With Gati, you can make cash on delivery payments possible on your e-commerce site. They have put in place systems that ensure you have the payment remitted to you with two days after the client has made his or her payment for the product delivered. Additionally, in case there are any products being returned, Gati helps you get these products to you. This helps you avoid loss, and moreover, you can handle customer complains better and on time.

The Professional Courier Ltd
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As the name suggests, this is a reliable courier company that operates all its deliveries in a manner that ensures the product reaches its destination in the best condition. With a wide network of delivery routes and delivery persons in India, this is your best bet at getting your products delivered to your clients on time. They have an easy to use website that allows you to easily place your order and get a quote instantaneously. This guarantees that you can plan better and get the product delivered to your client on time.

Proof of delivery (POD) requesst are available, and you can double check for yourself that the goods have been delivered to your client and on time. If you are looking to grow your e-commerce site with a courier service that helps to foster trust with your clients, this is the best courier service in India for you.

The courier also offers transit insurance for any non-insured goods that you may have. This ensures that you have a backup plan and can avoid loses in case of any unforeseen circumstances occurring. They deliver the goods to the nearest collection center available to your customers, thus making it possible for them to access the ordered goods at their convenience. On top of all these, should you be in need of bulk delivery services, the courier make sit all the more convenient for you by incorporating a monthly billing service.

DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited
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To wrap up the list of the best courier service in India is DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited. This company prides itself as being among the frontier couriers when it comes to embracing technology. The company gives you an ultimate online experience that will make your working from home lifestyle a real pleasure. Their online booking portal allows you to book for deliveries and schedule drop-offs and then all you’ve to do is relax and wait for your money to come in. You will not break a sweat having to stay on your phone 24/7 calling your client or the courier to confirm if the package has been delivered.

They are easy to use mobile phone app makes it possible for you to monitor your package from the time it was submitted to the courier to the time the client gets it. You can also make all booking seamlessly on this mobile phone application and save on both time and money. The mobile phone application can be downloaded from PlayStore or from the Apple Store.

You can schedule priority deliveries that ensure you have same day deliveries for your clients. No more need to keep your clients pending yet they can receive the products they order form you the same day. This helps you grow your business, and you are more likely to get referrals compared to other e-commerce sites that deliver goods after a week.


Courier services are your best bet at growing your e-commerce business. In this age where internet fraud is rampant, courier services help to foster trust, and therefore, your business can attract more customers from the online pool of customers. Moreover, courier services make same-day deliveries possible. This positions your business as a go-to business for many people.

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