Borzo: easy IT-solution for quick delivery for your customers

Stop the routine of courier booking – integrate our service of delivery order placement and customers will do everything by themself.

Integração para inovar seu negócio on - line-o cara com um laptop - borzo delivery / Integrasi untuk berinovasi dalam bisnis online Anda-pria dengan laptop-pengiriman borzo

Integration benefits

Website integration - number one icon - borzo delivery

You save money and time

You do not need confirm the delivery – customers will fill all addresses, you just need to press the button and send orders to us! We will assign one courier to several orders.

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You manage price and demand

Attract customers with free delivery or earn money on it using additional fee for it. By the way, we found out the availability of urgent delivery makes customer to buy your product.

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You have all technical support

We would love to help you with integration to make your live easier. Send your questions to us anytime.

Choose your integration method


Suitable for biz with self written order creation system. Your developer will be able to deal with it.

Via package which suits your platform