How to install the Borzo package for Opencart 3x?

Melhor plataforma de entrega expressa - garota sorridente-borzo delivery / Setting up the Borzo app for Shopify - Girl with laptop - borzo couriers / Integración con la aplicación shopify - Girl - Smile-borzo / Platform pengiriman ekspres terbaik-gadis tersenyum-pengiriman borzo / 최고의 특급 배달 플랫폼-웃는 소녀-보르조 배달
Upload files - borzo / Unggah berkas-borzo / 파일 업로드 - borzo

1. Download the files with the module and the system patch from our website, then go to the admin panel of your Opencart and click “Extensions” and “Install extensions”.

After that download the modifier file.

uploading a modified file - borzo delivery / mengunggah file yang dimodifikasi-pengiriman borzo / 수정된 파일 업로드 - borzo couriers

2. Update the modifications. To do this, go to the “Modifications” section and click on the blue “Update” button in the upper right corner.

Update changes - borzo service / Perbarui perubahan-layanan borzo / 페르바루이 페루바한-라야난 보르조

3. Go back to the “Extensions” section and Installing Extensions. Then download the delivery module file.

Extensions section - screenshot of the screen -borzo delivery / Bagian ekstensi-tangkapan layar layar-pengiriman borzo / 확장 섹션-화면의 스크린 샷-보르 배달

4. Select the Borzo extension in the “Extensions” section by selecting “Delivery” in the filter, and enable it by clicking on the green “Activate” button.

After activation, repeat Step 2 (go to the “Modifications” section and click on the blue “Update” button in the upper right corner).

Activation - borzo service / Aktivasi-layanan borzo / 아키바시 - borzo app

5. Click on “Borzo” in the left menu, click on “Wizard”. Next, enter your username or phone number to which your Borzo account is registered.

If the “Borzo” extension does not appear in the left menu, please go back to step 2.

beginners - screenshot - borzo help / pemula-tangkapan layar-bantuan borzo / 초보자-스크린 샷-보르 조 도움말

6. Fill in the information that the Borzo courier will receive to pick up your item:

  • the address of your warehouse: here the couriers will pick up the goods;
  • working hours of the warehouse;
  • name and surname of the storekeeper;
  • storekeeper’s phone number;
  • a comment, for example: entrance B, 4th floor, from the elevator – to the right.

Then click “Continue”.

Fill in the information - borzo app / Isi informasinya-aplikasi borzo / 정보 입력-보르 조 앱

7. Then fill in the “General order parameters”:

  • Default vehicle type: useful if you have clear preferences (flowers are rarely carried on foot);
  • Default order weight: in case the weight of some products is not specified;

Important: for items with a total weight of less than 1 kg, put “0”.

  • Order payment markup: the amount you want to charge the client for our services. You can earn extra money on delivery if you make it more expensive for the client;
  • Order payment discount: part of the shipping cost that you are willing to take on in order to attract customers with fast delivery;
  • Fix order payment: we will show all your clients the same fixed delivery cost;
  • Minimal order price for free shipping: how much should the client buy from you so that the delivery will be at your expense;
  • enable / disable the Order value: for 0.5% of the order value (paid by the client), we undertake to compensate the cost of the goods if it is lost or damaged;
  • Buyout at pickup point: when using this option, the courier will pay for the goods upon receipt;
  • Matter weight prefix: we will notify couriers about the real weight of the order so only those who are able to carry it will accept the order.

Then click “Continue”.

Order status tracking - borzo app / Pelacakan status pesanan-aplikasi borzo / 주문 상태 추적 - borzo couriers

8. You can track the status of the order and get the actual data directly from the module. To track and synchronize order statuses and courier data, match the order statuses of Opencart and Borzo through the drop-down lists. 

Install our package and save time on order placement.