How to install Borzo plugin for WooCommerce (WordPress)?

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Masuk ke akun WordPress Anda-pengiriman borzo
1. Log in to your WordPress account and go to “Plugins”
Menambahkan plugin ke wordpress-aplikasi borzo

2. Press “Add New”

Menginstal plugin dan mengunduh aplikasi archive - borzo

3. Press “Upload Plugin”, upload the .zip archive and press “Install Now”

Instalasi-tangkapan layar-bantuan borzo

4. Log in to the app using you Borzo account credentials

5. Select the zones where the delivery service will be displayed and press “Install”

aplikasi akun borzo

6. Fill the information about the pick up location, where courier would pick up the item

  • City
  • Address: address of shop/ warehouse which is the pick up location
  • Opening Hours
  • Closing Hours
  • Days of the week where the Shop/ Warehouse is open
  • Receiver Name
  • Phone Number
  • Additional Notes for courier pick up person

After that click on “Continue”.

fungsionalitas yang diperlukan-aplikasi borzo

7. General Order Parameters

Default vehicle type. For choosing the preferred vehicle type of courier.
Choose “Moto” if you wish couriers to use moto transport.

Default pickup warehouse used in calculation: We will use its coordinates for calculating the price of delivery to the customer on checkout.

Default order weight (kg): This will be picked as default weight, if not entered while ordering

Order payment markup: Additional price which you wish to charge for the delivery. You can earn additional money from delivery if you make it more expensive for your customer. You will not be charged this markup from our end.
Item price IDR 1000, our price for delivery is IDR 50, your charge for delivery is extra IDR 10. Customer will see IDR 60 on the checkout page; your additional earning is IDR 10;

Order payment discount: Part of the delivery price, which you are willing to pay instead of your customer in order to attract more customers by providing cheaper delivery.
Item price IDR 1000, our price for delivery IDR 50, your price discount is IDR10. Customer will see IDR 40 on checkout page instead of IDR 50.

Fix order payment: You can set fixed delivery charge for every order

Minimal order price for free shipping: Order value over which the delivery will become free for customer. In this case the delivery charges will be borne by you.
Example: if item is over IDR 500, customer will see delivery price of IDR 0 on the checkout page

Delivery point note prefix: We will add this text to the comment on each point.
Example: “courier should call in one hour before arrival”;

Buyout on pick up point: Courier will pay for the item when they will pick it up.

Matter weight prefix: We will inform courier about the real weight of the order, so only those who can carry it will take orders.
Example: Courier will see “Weight: 2 kg. Leather shoes”

After that press “Continue”.

pengiriman di Meksiko-correos de borzo

8. Choose the WooCommerce cash payment method here.

When an order with this payment method is created we will automatically mark this delivery as a COD type

konfigurasi yang benar-aplikasi borzo

9. At this step you can link orders statuses in Borzo and WordPress to track them right from WordPress

Please note:
Shopify has 5 price plans:

  • Shopify Lite ($9)
  • Basic ($29 + 2% from transactions)
  • Shopify ($79 + 1% from transactions)
  • Advanced ($299)
  • Shopify Plus (Enterprise).

You can check here the plan which required for using our carrier-calculated shipping feature.

Install Borzo plugin for WordPress and order delivery with a couple of clicks