Borzo Express Delivery Solution for Restaurants & Takeouts in India

Elevate Your Culinary Business with Borzo Proven Track Record of Delivering Flavorful Success: Discover Reliable Restaurant and Takeaway Delivery Across India
Borzo delivery for Restaurants

Borzo Delivery Benefits for Your Business

Borzo courier delivery for Restaurants & Takeaway
Easy API & CMS integration
Setup through APIs or via Shopify, WordPress websites
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Cash on Delivery
Borzo Delivery Options for Restaurants
Same Day COD amount remittance to your account
Borzo courier delivery for Restaurants
Save more
on logistical costs
Easy management of fleet with just a click. Book a Borzo rider whenever needed any time of the day
Restaurants & Takeaway delivery
Multi-drop deliveries
with route optimization
Book for a one-time pick-up and reduce your delivery fee expenses
Free Consultation
and Registration
Delivery for Restaurants
Let us help you and give you the right business services and offer the best package
Full Product Insurance
Delivery App for Restaurants
We wiil compensate the value of lost items within three working days according to the rules. Maximum compensation - 50.000
Empowering Your Business with Borzo Services: Key Advantages for Restaurants and Takeaways

Welcome to Borzo: Your Reliable Partner for Restaurant and Takeaway Delivery Solutions in India

Are you a restaurant or takeaway business owner in India looking to enhance your delivery services? Look no further than Borzo! We specialize in providing top-notch courier delivery solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Indian culinary industry.
Partner Delivery App for Restaurants
Why Choose Borzo for Your Delivery Needs?
At Borzo, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable delivery services in the competitive world of food business. Here's why partnering with us can give your business the competitive edge:
  • Swift and Dependable: Our dedicated delivery network ensures your delectable dishes reach your customers in a timely manner, preserving the freshness and quality that your patrons expect.
  • Streamlined Logistics: Say goodbye to delivery-related headaches. Borzo advanced logistics technology optimizes routes and dispatches, minimizing delays and maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize your customers' experience as much as you do. Our courteous and professional delivery personnel reflect your brand's values, creating a positive and lasting impression.
  • Extensive Reach: Whether your eatery is in a bustling city center or a cozy corner, Borzo expansive coverage ensures that your culinary creations can reach customers across India.
  • Collaborative Partnership: We don't just deliver food; we collaborate with you to enhance your delivery operations. Borzo becomes an extension of your brand, working together to achieve culinary excellence.
FAQ of Delivery for Restaurants

Simplify Restaurant Deliveries with the Borzo App

Take your restaurant's delivery game to the next level with the Borzo App! Seamlessly manage and optimize your food deliveries with our user-friendly platform. Say goodbye to delivery challenges and hello to efficiency. Download the Borzo App now for iOS and Android devices and experience the ease of streamlining orders, managing routes, and delighting your customers.

Delivery Options: Enhancing Your Restaurant's Reach and Flexibility

ASAP Delivery
We will assign the nearest courier to pick up and deliver as soon as possible
ASAP Delivery - delivery Borzo
Scheduled delivery
Scheduled pick-up and delivery within 4-6 hours
Scheduled delivery

Vehicle Options

Motorbike - borzo delivery
Max. Weight: 20 Kg
Delivery for Cafes
Streamline Restaurant Courier Delivery
Max Weight: 200 Kg
L300 / Van
Max. Weight: 1000 Kg

Off to a good start

Establish an account to consolidate all your data conveniently, or instantly avail Borzo delivery for restaurants.

Payment methods

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balance - borzo delivery in India
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Personal manager will contact you instantly to consult you on delivery opportunities

Your Questions, Our Answers: Borzo Cafe Delivery FAQ

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