Borzo Loyalty Program

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Complete 50 deliveries in current month

Get back ₹ 500/- in Borzo balance


Complete 100 deliveries in current month

Get back ₹ 1200/- in Borzo balance


Complete 200 deliveries in current month

Get back ₹ 2500/- in Borzo balance


Complete 400 deliveries in current month

Get back ₹ 5000/- in Borzo balance

How it Works?

Remember your assigned loyalty tiers is not fixed and will change as per the completed deliveries in current month.
The more deliveries you place in a month the better cashback you receive.


Fill the form

Enter your Wefast registered account details : Mobile number and/or email

Your details will be verified by our team and you will receive an email on successful verification and enrolment


Good to Go

Start placing deliveries on WeFast.
At the end of every month, as per your completed deliveries, you fill fit in one of the loyalty tiers. i.e. Atom, Pace, Whizz or Zoom


Receive Cashback

At the start of next month, we will credit cashback to your Borzo balance as per your current loyalty tier!

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