How Borzo will pay Courier on earnings.

Starting from 21st June’20, there are changes done in payment which is made by Borzo to delivery partners.

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How it works

Website integration - number one icon - borzo delivery

Payment frequency

Once a week, on Wednesday.

Website integration - number two icon - borzo delivery

Payment interval

Every last week ending on Sunday.

Website integration - number three icon - borzo delivery

Payment amount

Borzo will pay if your balance is positive (more than 0)

How Borzo Pay Couriers - how much payment collect from clients - borzo delivery

Check balance

Go to Statistic Page, move to Balance
and click on Show.

How Borzo Pay Couriers - information about payment collect from clients - borzo delivery

When Balance is positive

When balance is positive on Monday morning, the mentioned amount will be transferred to delivery partner bank account by Wednesday.

Eg. ₹194 will transfered as per the screenshot.

how borzo pay couriers - order information in app - borzo delivery

When Balance is negative or zero

When balance is negative or zero on monday morning, no amount will be transferred

For eg: In the screenshot, no payment will be transferred since the amount is ₹ -106 i.e less than 0.