Empowering e-shops with sameday delivery

Growing online stores of all kinds
with our last mile delivery solutions


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Planning delivery based on your needs
and requirements

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Ship from store
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Ship from hub
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Reducing costs and saving time
with smart features

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Reduce your logistic costs: order delivery to multiple addresses with a single courier
  • Smart routing
  • Affordability
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Easy to place orders
Order via our convenient app or website, or use API-integration for easier process
  • Web/App/API available 24/7, 365 d/y
  • Use parent and multiple store cabinets to keep operations under control
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Safe delivery
Service that ensures that any type of goods are delivered safe and on time: ASAP or same-day upon your request
  • We deliver over 50,000 parcels with 25,000 couriers daily
  • Declared value up to ₹ 50,000
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Care for recipients
Designed for your customers’ satisfaction: they will stay loyal to your business
  • Trained couriers with identity check
  • Friendly customer support
  • Live tracking of delivery status updates

Payment methods

Try Borzo right now: register and choose preferred payment method

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Choose how to place orders:
by filling in a form or via API integration

API integraton
Integrate our delivery form into your website for a faster and easier check-out
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App and website
Fill in an order form and place your order in seconds via Borzo website or app

Delivering 4 million packages a month in 10 countries