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Advantages of the Borzo delivery service for online stores

Does your customer need an urgent delivery?We can deliver to anywhere in Mumbai within 2–3 hours, or at any other convenient time. 10–30 minutes for collection
Your courier is ill?What would you do if your courier is ill and there aren't any couriers available to deliver your order? With Borzo, you can always order a replacement courier. The courier will be with you within 1–2 hours at any time of day. You don't have to waste time on the phone, just fill in the courier service order form!
Maybe it's not worth employing your own courierDo you want to increase your profit? We can help you minimise your costs. It doesn't matter whether you place one order a year or a thousand a month. The conditions are the same. We treat all our customers the same, regardless of how many orders they place.
Do you want a competitive advantage?Then offer a same day service. Research shows that customers who receive

How we work

Orders can be placed around the clock every day of the year using an online form or by calling us during working hours;

The courier is assigned and will reach you within 10 minutes after receiving the order;

With our service, you can track the courier in real time via your online account. You can also add or remove addresses from an order while it is being processed;

Each recipient receives a text message with the courier's mobile number and you will get a message after the courier has delivered to an address;

You can rate the courier once the order is complete.

Fixed rate

We have a fixed delivery rate for Mumbai.

You don't need a subscription, you just pay for each specific order.

You don't have to pay for the courier's travel, fuel or phone calls.

Delivery schedule

You can determine the exact date and time for each delivery on the order form at no extra cost.

We deliver around the clock and on weekends and bank holidays (at no extra cost).


A free text message is sent: to the customer when a new order is placed, when a courier is assigned and when the courier reaches the delivery address; and to the recipient when a courier is assigned.


Full 100% compensation for damaged or lost goods in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Additional information on rates

Default rate

  • Collection:
  • Delivery to single address:

Extra charge for weight

  • 1:
  • 5:
  • 10:
  • 15:
  • 20:

Detailed information on courier delivery rates

Save money with Borzo

Number of deliveries in the order Cost per delivery Order cost Cost of delivery to one customer Saving per delivery
146 .6


We accept payment by cash, so you don't have to hassle with credit cards


Connect to us via API and automate your sales and deliveries


Orders can be placed around the clock


I have just started selling and don't know how much and where I will sell: on my own website, Ebay or Instagram. Can I still work with you?

Yes, even if you only place one order a year. To start working with us, you can place an order through our website or connect our API to your website. You can also contact us at [email protected] and we will give you more information and help you decide what is best for you.

Do you have a warehouse? Do you have any collection points?

As we specialise in urgent deliveries, we don't have our own warehouse or collection points; our couriers can collect the goods from you or from your suppliers and deliver directly to the customer.

What if the online store requires an order number?

Enter the order number in the Additional information field

If my goods are heavy (15 to 200 kg), will the courier deliver to the door if the address is not on the ground floor?

It's up to you. We can assign couriers who deal with heavy goods.

Should the courier phone the customer before delivering or is it the shop's responsibility?

The courier will phone the contact person at each delivery point before setting off to confirm the address and notify the customer of the delivery time.

Can I save money and bring the goods to your office so that I only have to pay for delivery?

No, our office is not a warehouse.

We deliver flowers. Can I ask the courier to take a photo of the recipient with the flowers and send me the photo?

Yes, just ask the courier (and the recipient).

Can I give a courier an order for 2 days (e.g. Monday and Tuesday)? Can I track the order online (without sending text messages to the sender and recipient)?

Yes, you can give an order for several days to the same courier. Notifications on the status of your order (when the courier is assigned and when goods are delivered to each address) are provided in real time.

Is it possible to track the location of the courier online?

Yes, you can track your courier's location on a map in your online account. Location is updated every 15 minutes.