To stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic we have issued strict guidelines to all of our Courier Partners and have educated them on the precautionary measures to be followed. Here are some things you can do as well, to ensure your safety during deliveries

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1. Please limit your deliveries to only essential items like food, and medicine till 31st March. Many of our Courier Partners are also self-isolating and we will not be able to guarantee delivery during this time.

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2. Please opt for contact-less delivery by informing your assigned Courier Partner to pick-up/drop-off the package at your doorstep rather than hand to you.

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3. Please sanitize or wash your hands (for at least 20seconds) after receiving a package and after handing over a package if you are unable to opt for contact-less delivery.

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4. Whenever possible use clear bags or open bags for your packages as law enforcement may check the package at checkpoints.

We thank you for your support and will continue to help you during this difficult time.

Stay safe!