Become a Borzo courier and get up to ₹ 1000 per day

You don’t need to look for a job anymore. Deliver with Borzo and get money!

Become a courier and be your own boss

We all know how tough the competition is for every job in India. And, if you haven’t been able to find a job or are still studying but looking for a part-time source of income, Borzo has come to your aid. We are offering courier jobs in India to anyone who wants to work with us. Anyone can take up this job. It doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed, employed, a student or an artist, you can work with us without giving up your primary job or studies. The best thing about our courier jobs in India is that we deliver a lot of our parcels via cycling. Therefore, even if you don’t have a motorbike, you can use your bicycle to earn some extra money.

We love to offer courier jobs in India to people who enjoy cycling. Courier service via cycling is an eco-friendly technique used by Borzo to reduce pollution and traffic in India. Moreover, it keeps your body fit and healthy too.

Free schedule
Become a boss: only you decide when to work. Create an individual work schedule and combine it with your favorite hobby, family or study.
Earn good money
It doesn’t require to buy a car, equipment or other things — start earning today.
Easy registration
To start working you just need a modern cell phone and positive attitude. Sign up in the app with your passport and phone number in 5 minutes.

You won’t need to ride your bicycle for longer distances because we will give you courier orders only in and around your locality. We are specialized in urgent orders, so you will need to deliver the parcels as quickly as possible, wasting no time. The better your delivery service is, the better your ratings are. Your ratings will also help you gain more orders and hence more money.

The delivery process is simple. As soon as you receive an order notification, you will need to reach the sender’s address. You receive the contact information of both sender and receiver in your notification. Once you reach the sender’s address, pick up the parcel and deliver it to the receiver’s address. That’s how easy it is.

You can start working with us anytime you want to in your city. We will give you all the required training also before you actually start working to help you understand the ethics of delivery service. Get in touch with us today and say hello to your new job.

International company

Borzo is an international crowdsourced courier delivery service. Our couriers deliver more than 20,000 dispatches daily across 11 countries — including India, Malaysia, and Mexico.

Tech company
The only thing you need to start working as one of our couriers is your mobile phone and our app. All delivery, location, and payment information is available online. It’s easy to use, but comments are always welcome to help us improve things.
You bring people happiness
Couriers are small business superheroes! They save companies and their customers time, money, and hassle. They don’t just dispatch parcels — they’re a crucial part of the supply chain.

To become a Borzo courier just follow a few super-simple steps:


Download the app, register, and get approved


Pick a convenient date and time to start


Respond to the orders that suit you best


Get paid!

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