How to start doing COD orders

On some orders you will have to collect COD, received money you will need to transfer to the client. Client will choose the method of payment: it can be bank transfer, or wallet (like Paytm).

How it works

Delivery Details

You can understand if the COD amount for collection is mentioned in the order. This orders are available to you if your rating is high enough and your bank details are submitted.

Transfer the amount

In time of 2-3 hours after completing the order you suppose to transfer or deliver the COD amount to the client.

ATTENTION! Failing to do this will lead to permanent ban and you will not be able to work with Borzo any time in the future.

Cash Deposit Proof

When you start travelling Press “Start Trip” button as usual «Start Trip» After that there will be a button «Cash Deposit Proof».

You can send the money by bank transfer or wallet (Paytm) .
Press button «Cash Deposit Proof».
Take signature of the client or upload slip

Close the order

To finish the order you need to send the money to the client and submit the proof of sending.


If client refused to pay  do not take proof, chat with operator. Tell order number and the problem. In messadge: number of order and short explaine what happened.

About any changes chat with operator. Write in chat in one message: order number and what happened.

This is the rule: you suppose to return the COD payment in 2-3 hours after completing the order. If you didn’t transfer the money in 2-3 hours after closing the order, also did not inform us about the delay we start thinking the worst and remove you from the system till we understand what happened.