The Advantage of Local Courier Delivery Services

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Since the turn of the century, especially since the advent of the internet, global connectivity has reached levels that were previously not thought to be possible. It has rendered many old technologies and businesses obsolete, forcing them to evolve or adapt to the new environment. But even so, behind the glamor of new technologies, there is a network of facilitators on the ground that enable these networks to function efficiently and smoothly. 

And, as with all good business models, it begins with a sound ground presence. Whether your business is an aggregator, or a small e-commerce outfit, or a retailer, its reputation is built on offering reliability in its operations and logistics, of which a strong local delivery network is a key component. 

That would require selecting a local delivery service which makes sure that the customer (in this case, the business) only has to worry about booking a courier and then wait for the pick up and drop service of the courier to do the rest.

What enables a delivery service to make couriers so seamlessly?

A good delivery service is based on two key pillars – Interface and Network.

  • Interface: Interface is everything that a customer interacts with. This includes the app, website or store, depending on the type of delivery. It requires an intelligent user interface for the digital medium and a trained, adaptable workforce that can service any needs as they arise. 
  • Network: Comparatively speaking, the interface is the easier part. Creating a delivery network that is able to service all locations is harder. It requires the creation of a network that can cater to a high volume of deliveries, different package sizes, as well as the ability to cater to specific requests (like the right temperatures for transportation of medication). However, one of the most important parts of a good network is to have connections with top notch local delivery services. Their on the ground knowhow of the location and the layout can be  because when a problem arises they can connect with their contacts more efficiently. 

A Case for Local Delivery Services

A great example of the success of a same day local delivery service is the famous Mumbai Dabbawalas. The Dabbawalas constitute a lunchbox delivery pick up and drop system that delivers hot lunches from homes and restaurants to people at work in Mumbai.

Despite not having a sophisticated digital system for many years, they were able to successfully deliver, almost without fail and on time. As per a study by Harvard Business School, the Dabbawalas have an error rate of just 1 in 6 million!

Their secret sauce is having an in-depth knowledge of Mumbai’s localities even without using maps. Such localised expertise and implicit knowledge cannot be built from the top down, which is where partnering with a local delivery service, whether it is a specialised one like the Dabbawalas, or a locally grown courier service that has in-depth knowledge and coverage of even the remotest areas in the city, becomes imperative. 


Local delivery services in your city, especially in big metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Hyderabad are crucial. Much like the Dabbawalas’ Mumbai courier service, local delivery personnel create a reliable and trustworthy network, making it easier for the businesses, the courier services, and ultimately the customer who will receive the courier. Local delivery services also plug the knowledge gap in terms of what they know about the customers, their habits, their idiosyncrasies and their preferences as compared to a single business who may not have as detailed a view. 

Borzo has an extensive delivery network across India, partnering with the best local delivery partners that help it ensure that your packages are delivered reliably and on time. Borzo helps businesses deliver packages in as little as 45 minutes and track your deliveries live via our website or our mobile app so you and your clients can be assured that your parcels are safe on their routes.

With Borzo, you can get fast and reliable deliveries without compromising on security. For any sales inquiries, you may leave your contact details here while learning more about opening a Borzo business account.

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