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How to Calculate India Post Courier Charges with Speed Post Delivery

Explore India Post's courier services, understand the factors influencing charges, and discover the key features of Speed Post. Learn how to manage your shipments efficiently with its best alternative
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Overview of India Post

India Post, an institution with a long history dating back to 1856, has gone through significant changes to meet the many requirements of India's huge population. India Post proudly possesses one of the world's oldest and most extensive postal networks, encompassing 1.5 lakh post offices that serve most towns and villages. Historically, India Post prioritized affordability, and today, its Speed Post charges rank among the lowest globally. It remains dedicated to providing accessible and affordable shipping solutions, even in the eCommerce era, offering some of the most competitive pricing options available to individuals and small businesses.
India Post has pioneered various value-added services such as postal accounts for small savings, cash on delivery, registered post, and Speed Post. Among these services, EMS Speed Post, launched in 1986, stands out as the fastest way to send packages, letters, documents, and cards within India. Typically, Speed Post deliveries within India are completed within 24 to 72 hours, contingent on the accessibility of the delivery destination. Throughout the transit period, customers can conveniently track speed post using the provided tracking number.
Over the years, India Post has harnessed technology and innovation to enhance its postal and shipping services. It has embraced digitalization to support eCommerce deliveries, ePost services, and Indian post speed post tracking via online. Furthermore, India Post is committed to sustainability, implementing measures like using electric vehicles for delivery, installing solar panels in post offices, and promoting eco-friendly packaging options that reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Factors Influencing India Post Courier Charges

Understanding the charges for India Post courier services is essential for senders. These charges are primarily determined by two key factors:
1. Distance: The distance between the sender's location and the destination plays a pivotal role in calculating courier charges. The farther the parcel needs to travel, the higher the cost.
2. Weight: The weight of the package is another critical factor influencing shipping costs. Heavier parcels incur higher charges.
Additionally, it's important to note that there may be additional taxes applicable based on government notifications.Inventory management includes various stages, from procurement to storage, order fulfillment, and replenishment. It requires a strategic approach to ensure that the right products are available when customers want them.
offer more competitive pricing can be done. Decision makers of the business must also keep a close eye on inventory management to avoid unnecessary stockpiling.
To gain clarity on the specific charges per kilogram for Speed Post, refer to the table below:
Please bear in mind that these tariffs exclude taxes, which are subject to Central Government notifications.

Key Features of India Post Speed Post Services

Speed Post offers several features that distinguish it in the Indian courier market:
1. Express Delivery: It provides time-bound India post parcel service weighing up to 35 kgs anywhere in India, with a standard rate of INR 35/-. For local deliveries, the rate is INR 15/- for parcels up to 50 grams.
2. Insurance Coverage: Consignments are covered by insurance, with coverage not exceeding INR 1.00 lakh.
3. Booking Window: All services offer a convenient 24-hour booking window.
4. Online Tracking: India Post parcel tracking offers an online tracing system that provides customers with status updates through SMS and notifications.
5. Pick-up Services: Speed Post offers free pick-up services for parcels. Commercial clients can benefit from free collection services via call scheduling and regular collection. A Book Now Pay Later service is also available, with no pre-delivery postal courier charges.
6. Credit Facility: Corporate and customer partnerships can access credit facilities.
7. Volume Discounts: Discounts are available for high-volume courier services.
8. Cash-on-Delivery: Speed Post extends cash-on-delivery services for online sellers.
9. Compensation: As a nationalized service provider, compensation is available for delays and loss or damage to parcels.

Speed Post International Charges

For international Speed Post services, charges are contingent on the distance between the seller or warehouse and the buyer's destination, as well as the weight of the package. Additionally, international shipping may be subject to additional taxes in line with government notifications.


Understanding India Post shipping charges is vital for individuals and businesses alike who rely on the fast and reliable services offered by the Indian Postal Department. These charges are influenced by factors such as distance and weight, with additional taxes as per government notifications. India Post's Speed Post service is a benchmark for affordable and efficient courier solutions, especially in remote areas where private players may not have a presence.
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