How Same-Day Delivery Helps Boost Your Restaurant Sales

Since the pandemic, restaurants worldwide have considered going online to secure deals. Today’s generation is all about convenience. We’ll discuss why same-day delivery for your restaurant could increase your sales.

Como as entregas no mesmo dia podem ajudar a aumentar as vendas de seu restaurante

Fast sales conversion

Gone are the days of pre-ordered meals and batch orders with cut-off times. With restaurants going online on their website or food delivery apps, the customer’s ordering process happens in minutes.

For business owners, this means secured sales. There are fewer barriers for customers to buy food, and the decision-making process is shorter than offline ordering.

The greatest enemy of hungry customers is the long waiting time. It starts once your restaurant receives their order. You would need time to prepare it, on top of the time it takes to deliver it. When a restaurant offers a same-day delivery option, customers are more likely to proceed with their order.

Convenience over cost

The most convenient experience is when they can pay and choose instant delivery from the same app or website where they placed their order. If your business doesn’t have these, you can always rely on receiving orders offline (through phone or SMS) or via your social media pages. In turn, you need to be able to accept payment and book deliveries for your customers.

Customers are willing to pay for delivery and convenience. This includes your restaurant booking the courier, so all they need to do is wait. Some delivery companies also offer to collect cash-on-delivery for you, so you can make this payment method open to your customers.

Convert new customers into repeat customers

Which business doesn’t want repeat customers? In the customer experience, business owners tend to overlook the delivery process. New customers’ experience influences their decision to buy from your restaurant again– for them to trust your business.

Was the food fresh? Was the food presentation the same way as packed? How fast did their order arrive from the time they placed it? The answer to these questions all point to one factor: delivery.

Other ways to make your clients buy again include giving them discounts or freebies along with their next buy. One thing is sure: a smooth delivery experience would be enough for them to come back.

Discounted delivery rates

If you encounter a volume of orders for delivery, it is time to consider having a 3PL service provider. You can inquire about their business pricing offers if you have a preferred courier service. This setup can help cut down your costs on delivery or be a point of income if you ask your customers to pay for delivery fees. You can also ask your delivery partner if it’s possible to offer upfront discounts to your customers to attract them to place orders.

Reduce operational costs

In another article, we discussed the difference between having an in-house fleet or outsourced delivery. Having same-day delivery options for your food business will be cheaper if customers are covering for it. When you have an in-house fleet, you never know if they are too much for your demand or if you lack the workforce to handle bulk deliveries.

We’ve given several reasons why same-day delivery works best with restaurant businesses. Before same-day delivery comes into play, you have to consider how to reach your customers. Going online has its edge over staying offline, but delivery comes next if the need arises.

Borzo partnered with several small scale bakeries, eateries and even some big restaurants and helped them boost their sales, especially during the pandemic. Talk to our team to know how we can provide solutions to your business’s challenges!

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