Top 78 Small Business Ideas In India With Low Investment

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Unemployment can make be frustrating as most of the times you don’t even have money to buy necessities such as food and clothes. There are exciting and creative business ideas that start with low investment and earn a lot of profits as the business continues to grow. These top 80 small business ideas in India with low investments are well researched and will guide you into opening the most lucrative one.

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Top 10 Unique And Creative Business Ideas In India

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Custom gift shop

One of the unique businesses In India is a custom gift shop. People fancy unique gifts that make them stand out from others. You can start up a small custom gift shop where you create customized gifts to suit the needs of your clients. Some of the items that you can personalize include mug, notebooks, pens, T-shirts, gift cards as well as photo albums.

Real Estate consultant

Another great idea would be to venture into the real estate business, especially if you are very familiar with the surrounding area where you live. You offer real estate consultancy services to your clients at a fee after helping them find a property that suits them perfectly.

Dance Coach

People love to dance, and you can go to dancing classes and become a dance teacher yourself. This business venture is very profitable, and the capital for starting is deficient.

Chatbot services

Well if you have the excellent technical knowhow, then the chat box business can be a good start for you. You require very little money for starters. All you need to do is to discover businesses around you that require chatbots.

DJ Services

If you have the right eye for music, becoming a DJ is recommended for you. With a few skills and tricks, you can be able to find events in your area that require a DJ.

Event Organizing

The event organizing world is growing at a speedy rate. If you have a mind that goes wild with creativity, become an event organizer for gigs such as birthday parties, weddings etc.

Pregnant women exercise class
This is a profitable venture for many, although you need the training to do it. Space for setting up the business will also come in handy.
Interior designer

If you have studied architecture, interior designing is perfect for you. All you need is a creative mind.

Antique business
Antique business involves the selling of antique items and furniture. This type of business does well in middle-class neighborhoods in India.
Coffee or tea business

The tea and coffee business is booming. Just look out for a functional space, fill up furniture, and you are ready to go.

Best 10 Home-Made Business Ideas

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Packing Services

You can do trousseau as well as gift packing from home. The internet is full of fun ideas that you can utilize. If you are a newbie, just have a professional train you.

Coaching classes

Parents in India are always looking for private teachers to tutor their kids. Buy little furniture, books a whiteboard and you are ready to go. With the help of the internet, you can also tutor online as your research on many topics.

Fashion Boutique

If you have a good sense in fashion, you can as well set up a fashion boutique. Hiring a trained tailor can help you customize fashion designs in accordance with your client’s needs.


A bakery is a fun home based business idea. You can bake attractive foods such as muffins and distribute to physical stores around your area.

Ice cream stand

This is another lucrative business that can be done at home. Set up one of these and sell many different flavours to attract more people.

Home food delivery

Most people find buying food at work and miss homemade food. Why don’t you start cooking delicious food at home and delivering to businesses?

Digital Marketing services

Nowadays, for businesses to survive, they need quite a significant online presence. You can help companies to market their products online using your computer at home.

Currency trading

If you are great with numbers, venture into currency trading. However, you will be required to work for extended hours and face a lot of risks.

Daycare business

You might be surprised that many parents around your home are looking for credible daycares. Fill in this need by starting a daycare in your neighborhood. You will require functional space to give children enough playrooms.

Makeup business

The beauty business is growing at a fast rate. It is popular with both females and males nowadays. You can never go wrong with this home-based idea.

10 part time business ideas
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Start your blog

Blogging is a fun way of making money part-time. You can start your blog and write creative content on travel, leisure, education and many more topics that people find attractive. Look up a good web hosting company to help you start on your website.

Web Design

Technology has become an integral part of a variety of businesses today. By venturing into web designing, you can help develop user-friendly websites. Use online resources to sharpen your skill on web design.


Well if you have a skill in cooking, writing, teaching, or technology, you can always summarize expertise in an EBook and sell it online. Gradually create an audience and who knows, you might land yourself a lucrative publishing deal.

Phone cases business

The phone case business idea is a great side hustle for you. You can sell them at trade shows, online market places, parties, among other events. The business requires little capital to start.

Virtual Assistant

If you are highly organized, try working as a virtual assistant on up work or Elance. Comfortably do this job when you are free, giving you a chance to broaden your professional skills.

Social Media Manager

It’s a sure thing that facebook, twitter, and Instagram take up close to ninety per cent of your time. Becoming a social media manager can help you turn this into money. Help startup companies gain more social media presence to increase sales online. As your skill in the field increases, venture into more complex ideas such as Facebook Ad campaigns.

Travel consultant

Travel consulting is another surefire idea. Start by getting client recommendations from people you know or market your services online. After some time, people will always count on you to get them the best travel destinations.

Baby Sitter

Being a baby sitter will unmistakably make you good cash on the side. If you are at work during weekdays, you can do the babysitting job on the side to assist parents whose schedules are hectic.

Online dating consultant

There is no better way of making an extra buck for you as becoming an online dating consultant. Create a website, match singles online and earn your online.

Wedding photography

Weddings happen all the time India due to the strong tradition concerning marriage. Passionate photographers can always do wedding photography as a side hustle to help newlyweds create memories of their big day.

Best 10 Online Business Ideas
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Build apps

Smartphones have become increasingly popular everywhere. There are many apps that are compatible with Apple iOS as well as Android operating systems. Develop an app and let it start earning you a consistent flow of income as it gets more users.

Forex trading

Many people fear this venture as they deem it quite risky. However, good training on how to do the business in Forex trading can help you make big profits on platforms such as Etoro where you can sell stocks, CFD assets as well as crypto assets.

Professional freelancer

By becoming a freelancer, you can interact with very many clients online. There are many sites like upwork that allow you to do jobs like content writing, programming, web design or even data entry. You can learn how to bid for jobs and send a proposal to clients and get hired for projects or assignments across a variety of niches.

WordPress themes

Another exciting way of earning money is by creating word press themes. This is especially true if you are good at web design as well as HTML coding. Using this skill to generate WordPress themes can earn you lucrative income by selling them on online markets such as theme forest or template monster.

Selling photos

Selling photos online is an excellent online business, especially if you have the right eye for photography. Come up with unique images and sell them on platforms such as stock photo sites.

Youtube videos

Videos are fun to watch. Earn online by creating videos with captivating topics. You don’t have to buy an expensive camera for this as you can start recording videos using your smartphone.

SEO marketing

SEO marketing entails ranking websites to increase ranking on top search engines like Google. You may find it difficult as you require learning top-notch tips and tricks.


This art involves strategically playing with words to compel people to take action. This can be done on sales, blog content or email marketing to earn you some bucks.

Skype coaching

All that is required for Skype coaching is a skill. You can become a life, travel, health, or dating coach.


You will also earn money online through the creation of podcasts. This way, you will increase the sales of products that you are selling since you get to build the trust of your customers.

Best 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas
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Catering services

A catering business is easy to start, and you can make it home based. Clients are willing to pay lots of cash as long as you show lots of hard work, resilience and deliver as advertised.

Mobile Hairdresser

Hairdressing business is easy to start as it is low cost. Carry around your work tools as you walk around, looking for customers. Marketing yourself online will help you get more clients.

Online tutoring

This is a genius way of making money. Your talent is all that you require starting earning huge profits. You will be able to do music piano lessons, teaching, or web design classes; it all depends on your unique abilities for the market.

Logo designs

If you can design great logos, then this is the best profitable venture for you. You can start the business online, but it’s good to understand that this business venture is quite competitive, and there is a need to be exceptional.

IT support business

IT support business requires one to have a background in IT. Offering IT support to companies will earn you money, although you have to market yourself online to start getting clients.

Recruitment business

There are thousands of job seekers that have tried to find employment but to no avail. A brilliant way to earn profits is by starting a recruitment firm where you can connect employers and employees and earn money. Although the starting capital is low, you must have outstanding knowledge in this field.

Retail business

Retail business is also a unique business idea. In this venture, you buy product form wholesalers at a lower price and sell them online or recommendations.

Smartphone sales

Almost everyone nowadays uses a smartphone. With a clear understanding of this market, you will be able to start a Smartphone shop or a repair shop that is highly profitable.


Boutiques are very profitable ventures; because of the desire of women always trying to enhance their beauty. Making custom made jewellery, shoes, clothes, belts, candles as well as cards can make you profits.

Big 10 Investment Business Ideas
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Book keeping services

Book keeping is a great business idea. With the help of online invoicing tools, you can offer services such as offering income statements and balancing sheets.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you earn money by working to market products or even services for businesses. The more sales you can make the profits you earn.

Internet Security Consultant

Scammers are nowadays giving business nightmares given the sensitive nature of business data. Well with, IT skills, you can start working as an internet consultant where you offer expert advice to businesses on how best to protect their data.

Graphic Designer

Companies always want to be well branded to get recognition from their customers. With the help of computer applications, will be able to invest in a graphic design career where you create fliers, magazines, new letters and many more for businesses, especially start-ups.

Desktop Publishing

Publishing software can help you establish a desktop publishing business. You can be able to create magazines, books, newsletters, among other marketing materials. You could even hire content writers and editors to boost your efficiency.

Tax consulting

Most companies nowadays hire tax consulting services as they do want to interfere with the flow of their daily activities. To start a tax consulting franchise, you might need to take a few courses and training if you are to offer the best services.


Translations are very easy and highly sort after provided you are good at more than one language; you could earn more than 40,000 dollars every year. Big companies can even hire you to offer them translating services on a contractual basis.

Cloud hosting services

If you have enough knowledge as well as the capital, you can start up a cloud hosting service that will highly appeal to small businesses as the starting server requirements and get paid.

Health club

Health is important, and without it, you cannot live a full life. People value working out to stay fit; Starting a health club can, therefore, make you very successful.

Toy shop

Children will never stop loving toys. Investing in a toy shop can be great for you. You could also make the business more appealing buy customizing the gifts to fit the needs of every child.

Top 8 Retail Business Ideas
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Hardware store

Hardware stores are very lucrative in India. You could stock them with a wide variety of products to appeal to more customers. The stating capital for this venture is relatively moderate.

Leather store

Leather is particularly popular with many people because of its long lasting properties. You can stock your store with various specialty products such as leather shoes, handbags, schoolbags, wallets and much more.

Organic food store

Diseases like cancer have forced people to consume more organic foods. The organic market for food is growing at a relatively high speed. It’s a highly profitable venture for as long as you offer quality products.


A bookstore is another retail business that requires moderate capital to start. Apart from books, you could also incorporate stationery such as pens, sharpeners, diaries, calendars and many more.

Eye Accessories

With previous experience in eye care, you can open an eye accessories store where you can sell trendy frames, lenses with the latest technology and even sunglasses. Consider a franchise if you are not skilled in this business.

Microbrewery Pub

A microbrewery pub is a brewery which produces brewery at a small scale. You could sell produce to small pubs and local joints in your area.

Diagnostic Centers

India is well known for its prowess in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Diagnostic centers are useful for earning profits. You could initiate them as a franchise since they tend to require substantial capital for states.

Yoga studio

People are becoming more aware of the benefits that come with yoga in terms of wellness, along with health. Coming up with a yoga studio is indeed a viable opportunity for most budding entrepreneurs.

Big 10 Investment Business Ideas
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The rate at which the fishery market is growing can never be under estimated. Some of the profitable items that investors can distribute include fresh fish, canned fish, fish pickles and many more.


Everybody needs glass in at least one aspect of their life. A glassware wholesale business will be the key to unlocking your success as an entrepreneur.

Health care and Beauty

The healthcare and beauty industry is growing at a speed of 15 per cent annually. You can decide to distribute anything from personal care items to health care items as you steer your way to profits.

Manufacturing and Machinery

Distributing machines is a great business idea. However, you stand a better chance of making lucrative profits by starting manufacturing plants, like leather processing plants or food processing plants.

Office Products

People are opening new offices by the day. Distributing office products offer good margins. Office products that move fast include pens, notebooks, as well as flaps.

Plastic products

Plastic makes up a majority of household items today. You may find this distribution business particularly lucrative. Customers from packaging industries will also come knocking at your door.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are focal in every home. After purchasing ready-made machinery, there are various products such as knives, pots, spoons that you can produce and sell cheaply.

Snack distribution business

Indian Love snacks. Snacking distribution business is a good decision. Wholesalers work by buying snacks from large kitchens and later on repack them and sell to the retail shops.

Jewellery distribution business

You can start small by selling imitation jewellery that requires low investment. Selling to high-end customers might be a bit expensive since you deal with products made of gems, diamond or gold that is premium.

Furniture business

People are increasingly looking for top-notch furniture that goes well with their interior spaces. You can solve this need by distributing furniture that suits both rural and urban areas.


These 78 best business ideas are indeed an inspiration for you to start a small business this year. You have a lot of options to choose from and make very high profits. Do not wait any longer because of the fear of making losses. Just believe in yourself.

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