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Average Salary of Delivery Riders at Borzo

Get insights into the average daily and monthly earnings of Borzo couriers and how payments are made. Learn how delivery riders can be their own boss anytime, anywhere.
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If you're considering a career as a delivery courier with Borzo or simply curious about how much these dedicated couriers earn, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the salary of delivery couriers at Borzo. You'll discover what their earnings consist of, how payments are processed, and gain insights into their daily and monthly earning potential.

Understanding Borzo Delivery Partner Salary

Borzo delivery partners, often referred to as "delivery boys or delivery riders," enjoy a competitive compensation structure. Their salary typically consists of several components:
1. Base Pay: This is the fixed amount couriers earn for each delivery they make. It ensures a stable income even during slower hours.
2. Per-Delivery Incentives: Borzo offers various incentives to motivate their couriers. These can include bonuses for completing a certain number of deliveries in a set timeframe or extra earnings for deliveries in high-demand areas.
3. Tips: Couriers can also receive tips from customers, which can significantly boost their income.
4. Bonuses: Some days, Borzo may offer additional bonuses or promotions, increasing the overall earning potential.

How Payments Are Made

Borzo pays its delivery couriers through a convenient and transparent system. Couriers can receive their earnings through direct bank transfers or other digital payment methods, ensuring a hassle-free and timely payout.
Take note that payments are made several times a week. You can receive payment for cash orders immediately, and for non-cash orders on the next payment day.

Borzo Delivery Riders Salary

Earnings on a Daily Basis of Borzo Couriers
Daily earnings can vary widely depending on factors like location, number of working hours, and individual performance. Couriers in busy urban areas might earn more than those in quieter suburbs. On average, couriers can earn anywhere from ₹480 to ₹600 more only for 4 hours a day. During busy seasons or peak hours, you might even earn higher, especially when there are tips and bonuses. For those working full-time at least 8 hours daily, this can translate to a daily income ranging from ₹960 to ₹1,000 or more.
Earnings on a Monthly Basis of Borzo Couriers
The average monthly earnings of Borzo couriers who work for 8 hours a day and 22 days a month, can be estimated at around ₹21,120 per month. Those who take advantage of Borzo's incentive programs and promotions can see a significant boost in their earnings.


Working as a Borzo delivery rider can be a rewarding career choice, especially to those people who want to be their own boss. The combination of a base pay, incentives, tips, and bonuses offers couriers a good income potential.
Learn more about being your own boss with Borzo's delivery job here.


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