5 Tips on How to Keep Cakes and Pastries Undamaged during Motorbike Deliveries

Do you run a baking business? With a physical store or just an online shop, you might have faced the need to deliver your baked goods.
5 Tips on How to Keep Cakes and Pastries Undamaged during Motorbike Deliveries - safe cake delivery man - borzo

Baking is a stressful job. One wrong move and you might end up with a broken cake or pastry, hence why motorbike delivery services are ideal for such food. However, there are some precautions you should take to ensure your cakes, tarts, and pastries reach their destination without being damaged. Suppose you own a bakery or pastry business or are hesitant about outsourcing a delivery partner for your goods. In that case, you’ll find 5 tips on how to keep cakes and pastries undamaged during motorbike deliveries in this blog post.

Proper packaging is essential

Many bakers choose to ship their goods via motorbikes to save on costs. This is a great idea, but you must ensure you properly package your goods to avoid damage. Some bakers skip the packaging process altogether, thinking it doesn’t make a difference. This, however, is not true. Securely packaging your goods is essential to prevent damages during shipping. Another reason why proper packaging is important is that it helps with branding. Let’s say you’re working with a company that delivers freshly baked goods to their customers via motorbike. Still, the packaging looks cheap and doesn’t match the quality of your goods. This can leave a negative impression on your customers. To avoid this, you must invest in good, branded product packaging.

Use the right boxes and mats

When choosing boxes for your products, ensure you use the correct size. If the box is too big, there’s a chance your products might shift around inside the box and break. Boxes that are too small, on the other hand, can damage your products even further. When it comes to mats, it’s best to use ones that are at least two feet long. Smaller mats are more likely to slide inside the box, causing products to break. It’s also crucial to use thick mats. Thin mats can easily tear, causing the same issues mentioned above.

Make sure your bakers are well-trained

As mentioned above, proper packaging is important when shipping goods via motorbikes. However, even if you pack your products securely, they can break if the bakers who make them aren’t well-trained. For example, if your bakers put too much pressure on the dough when rolling it out, there’s a chance the finished product will be too dense. If your bakers don’t know how to roll out the dough properly, there’s a chance it will tear once it’s baked, causing the finished product to have a hole inside. Well-trained bakers know how to avoid such issues, which leads to fewer broken goods.

Use the appropriate vehicle for delivery

Different vehicles are better for different deliveries. If you’re delivering lighter goods like baked goods and pastries, you should use a scooter or a motorbike. However, if you’re delivering heavier goods, you should use a larger vehicle such as a van. The larger the vehicle, the less likely your goods will get damaged. If you’re delivering heavier goods, it’s also essential to use tie-downs to secure your products. If you don’t use tie-downs, your goods can slide around inside the vehicle, causing damage.

Check the box before delivery

Before putting your products in the box, ensure there are no loose items inside. Loose items inside the box are more likely to break, especially if the container is dropped or mishandled. Furthermore, check the box for tears and holes before putting your products in the box. If you notice a tear or hole, you can repair it, cover it with tape, or replace it immediately. If you don’t do this, your products will likely fall out of the box, breaking.

We now conclude our list of 5 tips on how to keep cakes and pastries undamaged during motorbike deliveries. Borzo has multiple vehicles to cover your deliveries: motorbikes for light products like cupcakes, cookies, pies, or tarts; sedans for medium to heavy, bulky goods such as cakes. We also have light trucks to cater to delivering large volumes of your baked goods to your clients, all within the day.

Still hesitant? We also offer indemnity for your parcels, in case it gets damaged during delivery. Our indemnity fee is 1% of the total declared value of your item, but you can also get a cheaper indemnity fee, a perk that our business account holders enjoy. Setting up a business account is FREE! Feel free to send an inquiry to our sales team to get your business deliveries rolling!

Book a Borzo courier via our website (available on desktop or mobile browser) or via our app!

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