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Business Name Suggestions: 5 Tips and Name Ideas For Start-up and Company

Coming up with a business name can be a challenging and stressful task more so if you have never done it before. This is because you just don't pile up some words to come up with a business name. You need to be creative and imaginative for you to come up with the catchiest names that are easy to remember. Your technology company name will say a lot about your business and brand identity. So you are required to do more research as well as some trial and error as part of the process of coming up with an incredible business name. If you don't know where to begin, worry not. The information below contains tips for naming a business that will give you an insight into the whole process. Master the steps and use them to form a name. You will be surprised how the points will simplify your work and give you a clear path on how to formulate the best business name.
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Most people often get stuck when naming a startup. This is because they have no idea how to go about with the whole process. You may decide and name a startup business after yourself, but then, that is never a good idea. Below are some tips that will enable you to generate a business name which will not only be your business symbol but also tell the bare truth about the startup.

Tips for Creative Names for Business

Mail Chimp

Short and simple names are easy to remember and use in conversations. This is exactly what you want your customers to do. Most businesses depend on recommendations from satisfied customers, and so if they can't remember your business name, it will be hard for them to recommend you. When picking a name, you should ask yourself is it simple and if yes, is it easy to remember? Some of the biggest and renowned companies and brands with simple and easy to remember names include Channel, Nokia, Apple and Dell among many others.

Avoid narrow names

Narrow business names are those names that are not diverse. They often limit you to one category of business classification which may pose a problem in the long run. Imagine if Apple Company would had decided to be named iPhone instead. This means they would have had a problem branching out and producing other products such as iMac, iPads and even MacBook. To prevent such a scenario, try and avoid narrow names. Instead go for broad names like Samsung which can easily suit a phone, a TV screen, and even a refrigerator without raising any alarms.

Keep off plain words

Despite the fact that plain words can be simple and easy to remember, they tend to become a problem whenever you want to distance yourself from your competitor. This is one of the main reasons as to why you need to be creative. Without creativity, it will be hard to come by a unique name that is catchy and descriptive. You also need to think out of the box. That is the only way you will be able to get a great name that will put your startup on the business map.

Don't forget the domain

To avoid business scandals such as lawsuits that might end up draining your startup of its finances, always remember the domain. Having a similar domain to your competitor will affect you both directly and indirectly. First, there would be cases of mistaken identity as your hard earned customers may find their way to the competitor thinking it is you. The competitor may also end up benefiting from your customer's recommendation leaving you on the losing end. You thus must ensure that your business domain is very distinct from that of your competitors for the sake of your business.

Usage of acronyms

Most people tend to avoid acronyms due to their reasons. This doesn't mean that you should avoid them too. In most cases, people prefer companies with acronyms to those without. This is because acronyms are easy to pronounce and remember. Take for example, a company like Hewlett Packard. Most people know it as HP and chances are there are a group of people who don't even have an idea what the acronym stands for in full. Just make sure that when choosing an acronym, you don't end up with an offensive word that will rub people the wrong way.

Business Name Ideas Generators

You might be having a brilliant business idea that has potential, but the only thing dragging you is the lack of a catchy business name. This doesn't mean that you should spend sleepless nights trying to generate an alluring name. You can always turn to the available online small business name ideas generator free and still end up with an astounding business name that you would never have come up with otherwise. The best part is that these jewelry business store name ideas are freely accessible online. With them, you will be able to name your startup and commence your business without delays. Remember, your business name is the only thing that people will use to remember your company. This means that it is as important as the product your company produces or the services your company offers. Another thing that makes it more important is because it will be contained in all your legal documents. With a creative and catchy business name, you will be able to outshine your competitors too. The three most trusted business name generators include (food business names ideas too).
The contributors are, however, not left behind and are rewarded through the use of nonmonetary rewards such as VIP passes and personalized gift cards.
Namelix is an interactive and fully functional business name generators available to you. With Namelix, all you need is a keyword to indicate the type of business you do, and it will handle the rest. It is designed to avail you with a number of incredible suggestions with logos making your work completely easy. It is doesn't just give full names but also provides a number of acronyms which are creatively put together to form a catchy name. Using the platform is free but downloading anything from it will cost you $25. This is one of the best ways with which you can easily have an alluring business name that will attract people.
Shopify is yet another online business name generator that you will find very incredible. You can use this website to generate cake business name ideas too if it suitible for your strong goals. The platform provides a textbox through which you will type the kind of startup you want to name. Upon submission, you will be flooded with numerous naming ideas that are not only well thought through but also very creative. The only downside is that Shopify does not accompany a business name with a logo, it instead tells you if someone else is using the name whenever you want to reserve it. This is a very useful feature for anyone who doesn't want to get into legal battles with a competitor.
Business Name
The business name generator is an efficient and very easy platform through which you can have a business name in a matter of seconds. The site is well designed, and unlike other platforms, there are categories to pick from before you insert your keyword. Once you select your preferable business name, Business name generator will prompt you to buy a domain for your startup. This means that on one site you will be able to get a business name and a domain name thus simplifying your work even further.

How to Choose a Right Business Name

As mentioned above, coming up with a business name can be quite a nightmare. If you are not keen, you may end up delaying the launch of your business or starting your business without a name. This has happened to so many people, and that is why it is what most people do as soon as they realize they have a business idea. Numerous things can, however, speed up the process and enable you to have an incredible business name. The main question is how do you choose a name for your business startup?

Think outside the box, don't get tied down

The first thing that you should literary do when you start thinking of a business name is to be open-minded. Don't stick to specifics but instead think big. Chances are that your company will become a global sensation delivering products or service all over the world. This means that you need to start thinking on that level. You should not start coining local words to come with a name and expect to attract global recognition. Chances are that you will not be able to grow big past your locale with such a limiting identity. Regional names tend to cripple your business before it even starts. If your dream is to trade internationally, then think about a business name that will entice different people around the world and not just your local customers.

Have a Sample study

Be modest and try it out first. Once you draw up a list of names that you think are suitable for your business, don't keep them to yourself and end up deciding on your own due to overconfidence. Try and get some feedback from people. This will help narrow down to the exact and most appropriate business name with adequate appeal and coverage. Ensure that you go step by step enquiring what these people think about your business names. The best approach is to spell out the name and allow them to express their opinions freely. If you find that a significant number of people can link it to your business idea, then all you need is to refine the name, and you will be good.

Registering the domain

The next most important step is registering your domain. There are so many sites that offer these services online, but none has quite a reputation like that of GoDaddy and BigRock. These sites allow you to generate a suitable domain which you can obtain at a price. The purchase agreement ranges from a year all the way to 10 years. Once the contract expires, you can give it up for someone else to purchase it, or you can renew it buy repurchasing the domain. Their prices are known to be very reasonable, and their services are incredible. Some of the domain names you will get include .org, .net, and .web. You can also purchase .in or .asia.

How to Choose a Right Business Name

There are a number of guidelines that are stipulated by the 2013, Companies Act and the 2014 Company Incorporation rules for buying a name. They state: If a company is engaging in any financial activity, the activity should be incorporated in the domain name. The name should comply with the company's objectives. Certain names need central government approval. These include Federal, Small scale, National, Union, Statutory, Judicial, Prime Minister and Scheme/s among many others. Names that include Bank, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Venture and Capital among many others should get compliance from regulatory bodies such as SEBI, RBI, IRDA. You can only avail a changed domain name after 3 years. A non-objective name needs to be signed by a person who shares the name in case he or she has some links to the promoter or is the promoter. Every company incorporated by the words Nidhi should include Nidhi Limited.' Know your business and where it belongs. It is very important that you know exactly what your business will be doing before you start generating a business name.
This will enable you to think of a name that is straight forward and not confusing. Some companies have been forced to shut down simply because they used the wrong business name that did not indicate the kind products or services they were offering. Such a good example is Xobni which is inbox spelled backward but people couldn't just understand it until its closure. To prevent such issues, make sure that your business name states exactly what you are doing.


It is evident that coming up with a business name is not a pleasant and easy process. That is why you need these tips to ease the process. They will help you make the right decision and avoid common problems that might end up costing you your business. Each of these tips is well detailed to give you better understanding of the process and stimulate your creativity. With them, you will not only find the naming process to be fun but also simplified.
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