Your First Order

Congratulations! Your profile is approved. You are now ready to start working as a Courier Partner with Borzo.

How to Deliver your first Order?


Check delivery details

  • Distance – can you deliver to the address?
  • Earnings – are you okay with the payment
  • Payment Method – check whether it is cash or non-cash

Accept and pickup the order

  • Reach the pickup on time
  • Click the photo of the parcel at pickup
  • Do not ask for excess money or tip
  • Close pickup point

Deliver the order

  • Deliver the parcel on time.
  • Deliver it safely
  • Click the photo of the parcel at the delivery point
  • Close the order

Via package which suits your platform

Your earnings

You can check the amount which you will be getting for doing this delivery for the given addresses.

Delivery Job Timing

Check the pickup and drop locations timing requirements. Accept only those deliveries which you can pickup and deliver on time.

Weight & Content

You can check the content and the approximate weight of the parcel which needs to be delivered here.


Borzo operators are available for your support from 9am-9pm. Incase of any order related queries, you can message the support with your queries.

Pickup & Drop locations

Check the pickup and drop locations from where you need to pickup and drop the parcel.

Important points to Remember

GPS location services

To see all available orders, you need to turn your GPS(Location) service ON. Also don’t forget to check Settings-Applications-Borzo-Permissions-Location

Don’t withdraw

You will be charged penalty if the order is withdrawn from your end, and it may also lead to Termination of your account.

Inform the Borzo Operators

Borzo Customer support is always there to help you from 9am-9pm. Kindly check the Messaging option from top right hand corner to inform them about any of your query.