Your First Order

Congratulations! Your profile is approved. You are now ready to start working as a Courier Partner with Borzo.

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How to Deliver your first Order?

Website integration - number one icon - borzo delivery

Check delivery details

  • Distance – can you deliver to the address?
  • Earnings – are you okay with the payment
  • Payment Method – check whether it is cash or non-cash
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Accept and pickup the order

  • Reach the pickup on time
  • Click the photo of the parcel at pickup
  • Do not ask for excess money or tip
  • Close pickup point
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Deliver the order

  • Deliver the parcel on time.
  • Deliver it safely
  • Click the photo of the parcel at the delivery point
  • Close the order

Via package which suits your platform

Melhores tarifas - carteira ícone - borzo / Low cost - Wallet icon - borzo delivery / Bajo costo - Icono de billetera - borzo couriers / Chi phí Thấp - Biểu tượng Ví - borzo giao hàng / Harga terbaik-icon wallet-borzo

Your earnings

You can check the amount which you will be getting for doing this delivery for the given addresses.

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Delivery Job Timing

Check the pickup and drop locations timing requirements. Accept only those deliveries which you can pickup and deliver on time.

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Weight & Content

You can check the content and the approximate weight of the parcel which needs to be delivered here.

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Borzo operators are available for your support from 9am-9pm. Incase of any order related queries, you can message the support with your queries.

Localização da sua cidade - borzo delivery / Seguimiento en tiempo real - icono de ubicación - borzo app

Pickup & Drop locations

Check the pickup and drop locations from where you need to pickup and drop the parcel.

Important points to Remember

Parceiro de entrega borzo delivery - ícone de localização / experiencia única - icono de teléfono - borzo couriers / trải nghiệm độc đáo - biểu tượng điện thoại-borzo delivery

GPS location services

To see all available orders, you need to turn your GPS(Location) service ON. Also don’t forget to check Settings-Applications-Borzo-Permissions-Location

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Don’t withdraw

You will be charged penalty if the order is withdrawn from your end, and it may also lead to Termination of your account.

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Inform the Borzo Operators

Borzo Customer support is always there to help you from 9am-9pm. Kindly check the Messaging option from top right hand corner to inform them about any of your query.