Express Delivery in Sampaloc

Book without registering, urgent delivery at no extra cost
Fastest courier service in Philippines

90 min

We can deliver ASAP or at a specified time Documents, products, flowers

P 60

Delivery costs start at P60 within Manila +P7.50 per succeeding Km


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Borzo is revolutionizing express deliveries service

We cater to businesses and SME’s by providing dedicated riders and reliable account managers to deliver and ensure all transactions are fulfilled.
We send courier’s phone number to the contact person via SMS at each delivery point.
Professional and dedicated riders will always be available upon request. We assign the nearest rider with the highest rating to ensure a reliable delivery service.
We calculate the delivery charge immediately after you fill in our online form. You no longer need to call and ask for quotes.
The system assigns high-scored and the closest courier. We guarantee to provide you with fastest delivery service ever.
If you own a business you can opt for COD with us for an additional flat fee of only PHP120. Chat our Customer Support for this feature!

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Premium Sampaloc Delivery

The “University Belt” off Manila, Sampolac is an essential district in the Philippines. But does it have the best services for the people there? Borzo is now offering its delivery services in Sampaloc, bringing easy, fast, and budget-friendly courier services to your doorstep. Simply fill a form online and wait for a text message with your rider’s phone number in it. That’s it! You don’t have to subscribe, sign up, or create various accounts on online platforms. As a result, there’s no wastage of your time or energy.

Based on the distance between the pick and drop points, you will receive the parcel you want, unharmed, undamaged, and at the most minimal rates possible. If the pickup spot is right next to you, you can also opt for a walking delivery man to get to you even faster and make sure your parcel is even safer. For businesses in Sampaloc, cash-on-delivery services are also available with an efficient delivery system and regular revenue. 

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Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!