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The fastest courier service - girl and guy-courier - borzo delivery / Entrega en el mismo día - guy hands over the parcel - borzo delivery / Layanan kurir tercepat-cewek dan cowok-kurir-pengiriman borzo

Premium Cheap Delivery Service in Philippines

When thinking about delivery service, people usually worry about the price, and see it as a very expensive service. However, Borzo is one of the top delivery companies in the Philippines because we changed that! In Borzo, customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we have decided to offer our clients a flat rate, the cheapest rate in the market: P6 / Km. If you are a business owner or you need high volumes of deliveries, affiliate with us through a Business Account so our managers can talk to you to find even better rates!

Melhores tarifas - carteira ícone - borzo / Low cost - Wallet icon - borzo delivery / Bajo costo - Icono de billetera - borzo couriers / Chi phí Thấp - Biểu tượng Ví - borzo giao hàng / Harga terbaik-icon wallet-borzo

90 min

We can deliver ASAP or at a specified time Documents, products, flowers
Entrega no mesmo dia - ícone relógios - borzo delivery / Delivery at the specified time - clock icon - borzo couriers / Entrega el mismo día-icono relojes - borzo app / Giao hàng theo thời gian quy định - biểu tượng đồng hồ-borzo couriers / Pengiriman pada waktu yang ditentukan-ikon jam-kurir borzo

P 60

Delivery costs start at P60 within Manila +P7.50 per succeeding Km
Placing orders via API - computer with gear - borzo delivery / Đặt hàng QUA API-computer với gear-borzo couriers / Menempatkan pesanan melalui API-komputer dengan pengiriman gear - borzo / Menempatkan pesanan melalui API-komputer dengan pengiriman gear-borzo


Selling online? Place orders via API. Find the guidelines at API Docs

Borzo is revolutionizing express deliveries service

Seguro contra reclamações-ícone de estrela - borzo delivery / we serve enterprises and small businesses - star icon - borzo delivery / Seguro de reclamaciones-icono de estrella - borzo couriers
We cater to businesses and SME’s by providing dedicated riders and reliable account managers to deliver and ensure all transactions are fulfilled.
Constant communication with the client - paper airplane icon - borzo delivery / Komunikasi konstan dengan klien-ikon pesawat kertas-pengiriman borzo
We send courier’s phone number to the contact person via SMS at each delivery point.
Pedidos protegidos por seguro - ícone de classe - borzo delivery / Professional Couriers - thumbs up icon - Borzo Couriers / Pedidos seguros-icono de clase-borzo app / Đội ngũ tài xế chuyên nghiệp - biểu tượng-thumbs up-borzo giao hàng / Pesanan dilindungi oleh ikon kelas asuransi-pengiriman borzo
Professional and dedicated riders will always be available upon request. We assign the nearest rider with the highest rating to ensure a reliable delivery service.
Quick cost calculation - Calculator icon - borzo delivery / Tính toán chi phí nhanh - Biểu tượng Máy tính-giao hàng borzo / Perhitungan biaya cepat-ikon komputer-pengiriman borzo
We calculate the delivery charge immediately after you fill in our online form. You no longer need to call and ask for quotes.
Entrega para casa-foguete ícone-borzo delivery / Couriers with a high rating - rocket icon - borzo couriers / Pengiriman ke rumah-ikon roket-pengiriman borzo
The system assigns high-scored and the closest courier. We guarantee to provide you with fastest delivery service ever.
Couriers for your business - letter icon - Borzo delivery
If you own a business you can opt for COD with us for an additional flat fee of only PHP120. Chat our Customer Support for this feature!

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For those who might prefer other specification in their delivery, we offer charge on the delivery collection, with the same rates. We also offer reimbursement and item indemnification. Whatever you might need, Borzo will find a way to work things out!

You can trust in our hands, we offer you fast and efficient delivery, as our good service is guaranteed.You don’t have to move from your home, we are in the Philippines and we will get to you.
We will take care of the problems of our users quickly and with the necessary attention to provide a solution that meets your needs

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Borzo, your satisfaction is our greatest commitment.
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Delivery Service Options

Motorcycle delivery - scooter - borzo delivery / Pengiriman sepeda motor-pengiriman skuter-pengiriman borzo


Delivery by car - car - borzo delivery / Pengiriman dengan mobil-pengiriman mobil-borzo


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In Borzo, we put tools at your disposal that will make you feel confident and safe to leave everything in our hands. Our service provides quality in each of our deliveries and you also have Pabili service, reimbursement in compensation.

With Borzo, you not only have fast and good service but also good prices. When you become one of our affiliates you will take even more advantage of our promotional rates, discounts, and irresistible offers that will undoubtedly make you a loyal ally to our services.

Use any of our communication channels and contact us, we will be there to listen to you.
In Borzo, your satisfaction is and will always be our greatest commitment. 

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Book a Borzo Courier With Just a Few Clicks!