How to set up Borzo app for Shopify

Melhor plataforma de entrega expressa - garota sorridente-borzo delivery / Setting up the Borzo app for Shopify - Girl with laptop - borzo couriers / Integración con la aplicación shopify - Girl - Smile-borzo / Platform pengiriman ekspres terbaik-gadis tersenyum-pengiriman borzo / 최고의 특급 배달 플랫폼-웃는 소녀-보르조 배달
Learning to integrate with Shopify - screenshot hint - Borzo delivery

1. Go to Borzo Shopify app page.

Go to the Borzo Shopify app page - borzo delivery

2. If needed – please authorise. Enter the URL of your shop and press “Log in”.

Installing the application - borzo application

3. Verify the installation by pressing the button “Install app”.

Log in to the app using your account - borzo delivery

4. Login the app using your account and password from Borzo account

Installing a widget on a website - borzo delivery

5. Install the delivery service and widget for order page by pressing the green button.

information about the place where the courier could pick up the goods - borzo delivery

6. Fill the information about the place, where courier would pick up the item

  • name of the warehouse in the package settings
  • warehouse opening hours;
  • name and surname of contact person;
  • contact person’s phone number
  • comment for address, for example: Unit B, 4th floor, 1400 room.

    After that press “Continue”.
general order parameters - borzo delivery

7. After that fill “general options of the order”

Default vehicle type. It’s useful if you have some default type of transport. Default pickup warehouse using in calculation: we will use its coordinates for calculating the price of delivery to the customer on checkout. Default order weight (kg): if the item doesn’t have the weight in your system, we will use this one Order payment markup: price which you will take for the delivery. You can make earn additional money from delivery if you will make it more expensive for client. You will not be charged this markup


item price 3$, our price for delivery 1$, your charge for delivery 1$. Customer will see 5 $ on the checkout page; your additional earning is 1$;

Order payment discount: part of the delivery price, which you are paying instead of customer in order to attract more customers by providing cheap way to get .

item price 3$, our price for delivery 2$, your price discount is 1$. Customer will see 4$ on checkout page, customer is happy.

Fix order payment: we will show for all clients the same price of delivery, so no one will be embarrassed. Minimal order price for free shipping: to a value of over which the delivery will become free for customer and will go at your own expense.
Example: if item is over 50$, client will see delivery price of 0$ on checkout page

Delivery point note prefix: we will add this text to the comment on each point. Example: “courier should call in one hour before arrival”; Turn on/off Order value (insurance); we commit to compensate the value of the item for 0,5% of order price (customer pays), the compensation is possible only in case when the item was broken or missed. buyout on pick up point: courier will pay for the item when they will pick it up. How much does it cost? time for order processing: delivery selection in checkout will not be available for customer earlier than this_time from the order creation. Example: if this offset is 2 hours and now is 2 pm, client could only order delivery from 4 pm. Matter weight prefix: we will inform courier about the real weight of the order, so only those who can carry it will take orders.
Example: Courier will see “Weight: 2 kg. Leather shoes”

After that press “Continue”.


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