Is it worth it to spend during payday sales?​

Is it worth it to ride the hype during payday? Do you like shopping on apps or buying from small businesses online? We’ve written down a couple of reasons why the payday sale is a great time to buy products online.

Get huge discounts

The best thing about a payday sale is the amount of money you can save from brand markdowns. Imagine getting a 50% discount on an item? Payday sales give you many deal options! With your favorite shops coming to the web, you can browse and check the best online discounts.

Chance to shop smart

While payday sales urge you to spend your wage, it’s time to step up and be smart about your spending. Don’t get overwhelmed by the attractive prices! You might not notice you are spending way too much. How do you become strategic about your spending?

Set a budget

Don’t spend more than you made for the month. Set an amount you’re willing to pay for payday shopping. One classic rule is the 50-30-20, where 50% goes to needs, allot 30% for wants, and keep 20% as savings. Next time you go payday shopping, make sure you spent 30% or less of what you made for the month.

Focus on needs

Now that we’re talking about needs, tip number two is prioritizing your needs. It feels great to spend on things that make you happy but are not necessary; your needs should come first. Instead, would you get that air fryer or shop for a new shampoo bottle?

Compare prices

Impulse-buying can frustrate you if you find something cheaper from other stores. Make sure to browse, especially on products found in many shops. Cross-check prices and get the best payday deal among payday deals.

Save on delivery fees

Another great thing about payday is that you have the resources to buy in bulk, allowing you to save on delivery fees. Some shops even give you free delivery deals for a minimum spend. Free deliveries take the guilt from the shopping splurge. If you’re looking to save on deliveries, then payday shopping will be worth it.

Some cons of payday shopping

While payday sales can be the best “treat yourself” days, waiting for your orders can be painful. Shops often receive thousands of delivery requests around this time which causes your order to arrive later. And by later, we mean days turned into weeks; these are some logistics challenges shops face during peak seasons. To avoid this, you can use same-day delivery to allow you to receive your orders within the day.

There are several ways to avail of same-day delivery for your orders. One is selecting a same-day delivery option integrated into the shop’s website or mobile app. For example, Borzo Philippines allows API Integration with your favorite e-commerce websites, allowing customers to choose a same-day delivery option upon checkout. Another option is to place a delivery by yourself; all you need is to download a same-day delivery app on your mobile phone.

In conclusion, payday sales are the best opportunity to save on delivery costs when buying many items from the same shops. It is definitely worth it if you have the financial allowance for big spending. For people who are not so loose on spending big money, payday sales are great for purchasing pricey items you’ve wanted to get.

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