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Many people are already planning to start up their own business, because of the numerous opportunities for new business concepts. Most business-minded people have many ideas for a business but just don’t have the heart to start it and push through with realizing their business ideas for many reasons which include bringing or delivering their products to their customers. But, we can notice the mushrooming of online businesses, there is just so much work for courier service. From delivering food, medicine, clothes, personal hygiene items, electronics, baby supplies, pet foods, books, exercise equipment, so forth and so on.

Although e-commerce is booming, there are still some entrepreneur hopefuls who are hesitating in going full blast because of some issues facing them, such as Funding – although they have an idea on how to go about their business and they already have a business plan, but there is not enough capital to fully start their business. Some borrow from their relatives, and others try borrowing from banks.
Not enough online connections – some would-be entrepreneurs are having second thoughts on how they would market their business, hence they are not confident that their business would be successful. And then they have worries about how they can bring their goods to their customers, thinking that they don’t have the manpower to deliver goods, they don’t have their vehicle to use to bring the goods to their clients.

This is where the courier service will help would-be entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of putting up their online business. With the many courier services available in the Philippines, every delivery issue has a simple solution.

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What is a Courier Service?

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Courier service is a type of business where they help their customers and clients to deliver their goods/materials/supplies from point A to point B or even to different locations. They can book courier services online by the client or customer to have them deliver goods that can either be a document, personal items, commercial goods, and other necessities.

There are handlers or what you call couriers to manage the delivery of the item. There is a different specialization of courier service, different prices, varying locations they can only service. The rise of courier service gives way to ease of doing business by entrepreneurs involved in small or large-scale businesses. With the specialization of courier service, it is just easy for entrepreneurs to use it to their advantage.

Types of Courier and Shipping Services in the Philippines

There are various types of courier service in the Philippines and include the following;

Standard Courier Service

Usually, this type of courier service involves small to medium-sized packages and is considered the most basic, and the most affordable, and is the most reliable type of delivery. Couriers will collect the items to be delivered from the nearest depot or warehouse to be brought to the indicated location or addresses. Some take a few days to be delivered.

International Courier Service

This type of courier service involves a connection with different port authorities as there are paper works that must be completed first and permits that are needed as well as the tax that has to be paid.
Some courier companies have their local branch, while others were able to expand and have an international courier service.
These international services may have air freight, some have sea freight, but other companies have both. There are also differences in cost if it is via air or sea.

Overnight Courier Service

There is a guarantee of your parcel being delivered the following day. This may cause you more compared to the standard delivery service because of its swift delivery.

Same-Day Delivery

This is where you’ll find the varying cost of different delivery companies. You just have to go for the most reputable, most economical, and most careful delivery company.

Pallet Courier Service

This is used to deliver enormous volumes of products to different parts of the country, and the products are placed on pallets to keep them secure. This courier service follows a strict transport schedule and is considered more economical.

Who needs Courier and Shipping Services?

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Best Delivery, Courier and Shipping Services in the Philippines

In previous years there are only quite a few courier services that have been going around the metro and some with international connections, now we have lots of courier services to choose from with the following efficient and reputable delivery company. Here is the list.

Express Delivery

Services include Pabili Service and COD (cash-on-delivery) option. Pricing is affordable, starting at a base rate of P60 plus an additional P6 every succeeding kilometer. Website proudly exhibits, The Standard of Same-Day Delivery. They are simply showing others how to do it efficiently.

Being in the delivery business for four years, Transportify is another courier service that provides shipping service not just in Manila but also in some select provinces. The service includes payment facilities, reverse logistics, and online delivery.
They also have a mobile app where you can pick the delivery requirements you need, what size of the vehicle, and what is the schedule for your delivery needs. Starts at P190 within metro manila.

The simple transporting passenger service from point A to point B has now diversified and entered a same-day delivery option called GrabExpress and GrabExpress Lite. The parcels are safely insured up to 10K.
You can book online after you downloaded the GrabApp. You need to book a rider, track the parcel and the rider and wait till you get a notification once your parcel is delivered. Services are just within Metro Manila, but they may diversify in the future.

Lalamove is also into express delivery of documents, goods, and personal items. They have also widened their service and also deliver bulky furniture and commercial goods.
Clients can choose a motorcycle delivery service, or a multipurpose van to deliver bigger items. The base fee for the motorcycle starts at P60, and the base fee for light trucks or small van starts at P2000.

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If you need to attend an appointment fast, Angkas can help you arrive there on time. This motorcycle ride-hailing platform offers a ride at an affordable cost. They now also have food delivery service from restaurants they are partners with.
You only need to have the restaurant prepare the food for you and let the Angkas rider bring the goods to you, which you can pay via COD or mobile wallet options. The base cost starts at P60 per 3 kilometers.

Their door-to-door delivery is the cheapest rate among delivery companies that offer door-to-door delivery. Starts at P60 for Metro Manila and Rizal for a yellow pouch with dimension 6×12 inches, while the 9×14 inches blue pouch cost P75, white pouch with 12×18 inches dimension costs P90 for every 3 kilos and 20 for additional kilos. If you have your packaging, it will cost you P100 for 3-kilo weight and P30 for additional kilos.

Caters to small and medium enterprises with their affordable delivery package. They can deliver within Metro Manila and Cavite. It is easy to get their services just by scheduling a pickup with which they will pick your package up the next day.
They have 2-sized pouches, a 5x12inches small pouch, and an 11.25×17.25inches large pouch. NCR delivery will cost P90 for a small pouch and a large pouch and may last up to three days. While for Luzon with the small pouch cost P160 and P180 for the large pouch, and 5-days waiting time. The Visayas waiting time is 7-days with a small pouch of costing P160, and a large pouch will cost P180. In Mindanao, waiting time is also a week with a small pouch costing P160, a large pouch will cost P180.

Cross-border Shipping and Warehousing

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Ninja Van was launched in 2014 in Singapore, and since then it has grown fast, with the company catering to different parts of Asia.
This company is mostly preferred by major online shopping sites that include Zalora, Shopee, Lazada. Since Ninja Van caters to other Asian countries, it is considered a smart choice for their courier service requirement because of its reliability. Rate varies depending on location, accepts cash on delivery payment.

This delivery company has been in business for decades since it started in the 1950s. They slowly grew as they respond to people’s needs with their documents and cargo delivery.
LBC can ship your items locally or overseas.Delivery can be paid via cash on delivery or cash-in payment. Another option is to pick up your items from any branch located near you.

With over 400 branches nationwide, you have the option to have your goods delivered or pick up on any of the branches, near you.
If you would rather have it delivered door-to-door this is also possible and maybe more convenient for you. They have same-day delivery and freight forwarding, also with the option to have your parcel shipped in select countries internationally.

Shopping internationally is easy, and having it delivered to your doorstep is a breeze with Quad X.
The company also offers one-month free storage, item consolidation, a 24/7 chat support to answer your inquiry, and many more.

A courier service company that is based in Mindanao to help you with your freight and logistic requirements. They can deliver any size and weight at any location.
Their services include logistics services, cargo handling, customer brokerage, forwarding agent, and a lot more.

Based in Ayala, Alabang, Philippines. This company has been in the business of freight forwarding for 30 years. And now they have expanded to a full-service logistics company.
They provide land, air, and sea freight. The service includes motorcycles and car delivery.

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The largest producer of pineapples and bananas, this company caters to commercial consumers that they help with their expertise in sea transport of perishable goods, from the US, Europe, and Latin America.


Offering door-to-door delivery nationwide. You can visit any of their branches to have your goods shipped, or you can schedule a pickup, by calling CIC or Customer Interaction Center. Delivery can take anywhere from two to five working days. Rates start at P60.

Formerly known as Sulpicio Lines, now called PSACC, they have branched out and focused on cargo shipping.
They have the largest fleet count and gross tonnage. Their services include door to door containerized cargo delivery, where cargo/shipment, will be delivered to and from your required location.

Forwarding is one of their services, where they deliver parcels and packages to different key cities in the country. Port to Port containerized cargo where another delivery truck or shipping service is used to deliver and pick-up cargo to and from their port or container yard.


Courier service has made a difference in the lives of many people with their fast, efficient, and reliable service. Delivering goods is no longer a problem in our society as they make it affordable and obtainable.

Because of such business, we now finally enjoy online shopping which is becoming the new normal nowadays because of its convenience, our daily needs and essentials are being delivered at our doorsteps. Parcels and documents that we need in processing our business are reaching us at the specific time we need it and at a highly affordable rate.It is short of saying their presence makes our lives easier and the improbable is now more achievable.

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