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Fast intracity courier delivery service. We make delivery for businesses easier. Previously MrSpeedy

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E-shop items

Any packages up to 1000kg with cash-on-delivery and pabili service options.
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Food and groceries

We use insulated motoboxes to preserve the taste — whether the food is hot or frozen
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Restaurants & Takeaway

We use insulated backpacks to preserve the taste — get it while it's hot!


Instant pick-up and drop-off to deliver medicine to your clients ASAP

Clothes and shoes

Free waiting time on the address so that your client can make their decision

Flowers & Gifts

All fragile and delicate items are handled with maximum care and attention


Our couriers can deliver and return signed documents fast and securely

And anything else

We will take into account the qualities of the item and all your requests

MrSpeedy is now Borzo!

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New name - Same Quality

Delivering 4 million packages a month in 10 countries

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Modules platform
Add Borzo delivery module to the check-out form of your Shopify-based store
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